10 Must-Have Clothing Items You Need for the Summer

Here, I’m going to be showing you some must-have summer clothing items, and how to style them into vacation fits, "clean girl" looks, school-appropriate outfits, and some modest looks as well. Let's get started!

1. Two-piece set

A matching two-piece set can be styled up or down, so they're super versatile. The best part is you don't have to think about what goes with what; it's just automatically put together for you.

Black two-piece set for summer

This black two-piece set looks so polished. The pants are high-waisted, have a bit of a stretch, and are extremely comfy. For a daytime look, I styled it with a sheer white button-up blouse, tote bag, and comfortable sandals.

How to style a black two-piece set

For a nighttime look, I styled it with some sandals with a little hee l and a bag in a similar tone

Yellow halter top for summer

2. Colored top

As much as I love a basic neutral type of fit, summer is a fun time to experiment with different colors.

How to wear yellow in summer

Here, I have a yellow halter top, styled with the same pants from the previous look.

If you're unsure where to start when styling your colored tops, a great way is to match them with your accessories. Here I have a cute daisy hair clip, and I think it’s the perfect accessory to spice up your hair in the summertime. 

Crochet bucket hats and tote bags

3. Tote bag

Also, everyone needs a tote bag. They are fashionable, but also functional.

The crochet texture is making a comeback this summer. As well as tote bags, I’ve seen a lot of crochet sun hats and bucket hats. Crochet is summery and beachy, plus it's ultra-lightweight. 

How to wear bright green in summer

For another colorful ensemble, I’ve styled the black pants with a green top and a matching green purse.

Pink floral claw clip in the hair

How to wear pink in summer

Here, I’m wearing a pink top and a matching pink hairclip for a cohesive summer look.

A white top is a must-have item for summer

4. White top

You can go for a white crop top, bra top, t-shirt, whatever. Make sure it's not see-through, so you don't have to worry about your bra showing through.

This t-shirt I’m wearing is flattering for all body types and very classic. It's an elevated version of a round crew neck boyfriend tee; it has a halter neckline and cap sleeves. I’ve paired the t-shirt with a Yankees hat and some canvas platforms.

Denim shorts are a must-have summer wardrobe staple

5. Shorts

The next must-have summer item is a pair of comfy denim shorts, and I’m stressing the word comfy because not many denim shorts are comfortable to move in. I can move around in these shorts super freely, and they're thin enough to still feel cool in the summertime.

A sheer blouse can be thrown over an outfit in the summer

6. Sheer blouse

Loose button-up blouses will go with literally anything and make everything that you're wearing transform into a vacation outfit. A white one is the most basic throw-on shirt that you can have.

Here, I’ve thrown it on over a white crop top and denim shorts. This look is clean, minimal, and super fashionable.

Tying the shirt in the middle

You can leave the shirt open, you can tie it in the middle...

Tucking in the shirt halfway

...or you can have it tucked in halfway for that "model off duty" look. 

Wearing a blue-and white striped shirt with white pants

I also have a blue and white vertical striped piece with some ties on the bottom. I would style this by throwing it over any neutral-colored bottoms.

Here, I'm wearing the shirt with a white top and a white pair of jeans, and I’ve knotted it twice. This outfit instantly transports me to a nautical setting.

7. Sandals

Next up on the list, we have minimalistic sandals. These can be sandals with a little bit of a heel or they can just be flat, slip-on slides. 

Choosing sandals for summer

This white thong design is a pretty basic one to have. It also has a walkable heel that will not break your ankles. The square toe design is also very trendy.

Black sandals for the summer

These black sandals I usually wear with my darker color palettes in the summertime. They would also look really good with dresses or date night looks. 

Tan sandals for the summer

Then we have these ones in a tan, hazelnut color. This one would be my go-to for pairing with all of my neutral colors, especially beiges, creams, and all my linen looks. 

How to match accessories

When wearing your sandals, match them with hair accessories and a bag in the same or a similar color.

White cargo pants are on-trend for summer

8. Cargo pants

Cargo pants are making a huge comeback. I have a black pair, a white pair, and a tan-colored pair. I believe these pants will stay popular even as we move into the colder months. 

How to style cargo pants

Just treat them like a pair of jeans. I styled these high-rise cargo pants with a simple t-shirt. They are trendy, but let's not forget about how functional they are when it comes to the pockets on the sides.

Maxi dress for summer occasions

9. Dresses

During summer, you might have some more dressy occasions to attend. It's always good to have some dresses that will work for any formal occasion, and this maxi dress is one of them. The dress has a halterneck, two side cutouts, and a thigh slit. I’ve paired it with some minimalistic sandals.

What you need in your summer wardrobe

I also have this white dress that has a sweetheart neckline, shoulder straps that you can tie as high or as low as you want, and a thigh slit. I paired the dress with some strappy wedges that spice up the outfit and are much more walkable than heels.

Wearing linen pants in the summer

10. Linen pants

Linen is a great material to wear in the summertime because it is so light and breathable. I like to style my linen pants with a sand-colored corset that is super trendy right now, as well as some barely-there sandals. This whole look gives off a very "clean girl" vibe. 

10 must-have summer clothing items

I hope you enjoyed this summer lookbook, whether you’ll be spending your summer at home or going on holiday, I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for what to wear.

Let me know what your must-have summer item is in the comments below.

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