Learn to Style Neutral Colors

Neutral colors often have a bad reputation for being boring and basic. If you ask me, I think neutral colors are the foundation for a really beautiful, curated wardrobe. I hope that these styling tips help you stretch the neutrals that you have in your spring and summer closet.

Neutral color outfits

Wear warm tones 

One of the easiest ways to style neutrals is to stick with a similar undertone. In this look, I am wearing warmer tones and with my skirt, belt and shoes, sticking to a similar undertone.

Wear warm tones

When it comes to warm tones. I love cream, tan, or cognac kind of colors. This pantsuit is so gorgeous and sophisticated and I love the neutral color.  

Add warm toned accessories

In this look, a pair of jeans and a white top are made warmer with this bag, shoes, and belt. I also added a hair scarf to the neutral outfit. 

Wear cool tones

Wear cool tones 

You can also create stunning outfits with cool, undertone neutrals as well. Grey, silver, and metallics are amazing tones to create a cool clothing combination. 

Wear a grey blazer

In this look, I paired the grey blazer with a white top and it is such a great way to play with cooler tones and create a gorgeous look. 

Style neutral outfits

In this look, I use black and white, the ultimate cool tones, to create a gorgeous, simple look. The skirt and tee go so well together and I have to mention the little pop of color on the T-shirt. 

Create monochromatic looks

Wear monochromatic outfits 

There is no denying that monochrome looks are in! Creating neutral, monochromatic looks is the perfect way to style outfits for spring and summer. This lace pair of shorts and button-down shirt pair is perfect! 

Wear all-black outfits

This look is a gorgeous, black, monochrome outfit. Adding a white pair of sneakers is a great little change to the tone of the outfit. 

Create neutral summer looks

This is a fabulous summer look! I love the black on black! Knotting the tee makes a huge difference to the look! 

How to style neutral outfits

Play with texture 

There is nothing like texture play to make your neutrals feel a lot more interesting. 

Mix textures

Mixing different textures creates an interesting outfit made up of neutral tones. In this look, the lace shorts, black top, and silk scarf are the perfect blend of textures. 

Neutral outfit style

In this look, the cool and warm tones work so beautifully within the different textures of the outfit. 

Add texture to your outfit

This look is office-friendly! Black, white, and grey may seem like classic colors, but by adding different textures, the outfit instantly has more style!

Contrast your neutrals

Contrast your neutrals

In order to create a bold effect, start contrasting your neutrals. Creating a simple black and white look is the perfect way to contrast neutral tones. 

Change the proportions of your outfit

Contrasting neutral tones help change the proportions of an outfit. I love this casual, black and white look. 

Mix your neutral tones

You don’t realize how easy it is to make stunning outfits by simply mixing neutral tones. These cream pants and black tee work perfectly! 

Match your accessories

Match your accessories

When it comes to neutral pieces, a great tip is to match your accessories. This styling tip helps to pull any outfit together! In this look, I matched my shoes, belt, and bag. 

Match your shoes and bag

In this outfit, I matched my shoes, bag, and sunglasses. Matching accessories really bring your neutral colors to a more elevated level. 

Styling neutral outfits

Add styling tweaks 

These styling tricks can really amp up your neutrals. Whether you wear a scarf or throw a blazer over your shoulders, small style tweaks can make any outfit better. 

Easy neutral outfit style

In this final look, I popped my collar and made sure the white of the shirt was showing beneath the sweater and from the bottom of the blazer sleeves. These small tweaks add so much interest to neutral outfits! I would love to hear which neutral tones styling tip you find most helpful! Let me know in the comments! 

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  • Ann A. Jones Ann A. Jones on Mar 09, 2021

    I need my colors. They pep me up and cheer me on. I would be in a bad way without my yellows, oranges/peaches, dark brown. I would fade away.

    Thank you, though, for discussing warm neutrals. I do best in warm colors. Most of the time, examples of neutrals includes only cool colors - white/black/gray/navy. I find it hard to locate good warm neutrals.