Nothing to Wear? Here Are 6 Easy Outfit Formulas That Never Fail

Kerina Wang
by Kerina Wang

Have you ever found yourself just staring at your closet in the morning and saying, “I have nothing to wear?” even though your closet is probably full of pieces that you can wear.

Here, I’m going to show you some simple outfits for those days when you have a bunch of clothing options but have no idea how to put them together and no idea what to wear.

What to wear when you have nothing to wear

1. White top and denim skirt

I feel like the most obvious thing when you have nothing to wear is to go for something super basic, and you can never ever go wrong with a white top and some blue denim bottoms.

I went for a white tank top that is a little bit cropped and paired it with a Levi’s denim skirt that is a little bit distressed at the bottom, which I think is super cute and has that worn look to it.

Also, because it’s springtime, I thought I would throw on something pastel and a bit more colorful. I bought this shirt in size extra large because I wanted it to have a relaxed, boyfriend fit on me.

You can also go with a hat; I feel like baseball hats like this really tone down the formality of a dress shirt. A tote bag finishes off the look.

White top with denim outfit formula

If you’re more comfortable with jeans for your denim look, you can totally go for that. I’ve kept the same white top on and just switched out the denim skirt for a pair of good old denim jeans. They are slightly ripped, which I like because it means that I have something interesting going on.

I switched out the pink shirt for a yellow striped one. I love this combo because I think there are so many different ways you can rock it. You can have it hanging out like this.

I have a lot of clothes but nothing to wear

Or you can have one button buttoned in the middle.

Outfits for when you have nothing to wear

The third way to wear it is to have half of your shirt tucked in and the other half untucked.

Rolling up the cuffs on a dress shirt

I also like to roll up the cuffs which make the shirt feel more casual.

White top and black bottom outfit formula

2. White top and black bottoms

This next combo is something that I feel like every girl should have in her closet already - a white top and black bottoms, that’s it.

The beauty of this is that you can pair whatever blazer you have: cropped, fitted, long, oversized, all different colors, and all of them will go with this black and white color combo.

Also, if you want to make this outfit a bit dressier, just pop on a pair of slides or heeled mules, and the shoes will instantly transform the look and make it more formal.

This outfit is also a great day-to-night transitional outfit; in the daytime, you can walk around in your sneakers, and then when nighttime comes, switch into a pair of heels.

Black monochrome outfit formula

3. Black monochrome

An all-black combo is another example of an outfit that will always work. If you can’t think of what to wear, just pick out some pieces that are black: black top, black bottoms, leather jacket, black shoes, black accessories, and tada! Black is so chic and sophisticated. 

Adding a pop of bright color with an accessory

In case you think that all black is too much, an easy way to add some color to your outfit is by adding a brightly colored accessory. Any pop of color will go well with black since black matches everything. 

Easy outfit formulas

For girls who like something a little bit dressier, I didn’t forget about you. If you want to go for something a bit more formal but still have that all-black effect, you can go for a super-simple turtleneck dress like this. This dress is a little bit flared around the bottom, and I’ve paired it with some black tights and Doc. Martens.

Nothing to wear outfit formulas

A blazer is optional if you want to go for a layered look or if it’s a little bit chilly. Black on black is so iconic.

Sweatshirt and skirt outfit formula

4. Sweatshirt and skirt

This sweatshirt and skirt combo will literally work with whatever crewneck you have lying around in your closet, but I personally love college sweaters that will give you a preppy/varsity vibe.

In terms of the skirt, I recommend finding a skirt that has built-in shorts. They just make your life that much easier when it’s windy out, and they’re also perv-proof. You can also wear yoga shorts underneath for ultra coverage.

This skirt here is really flowy; it has micro-pleats going on, and the a-line, flared shape means that it’s not too flat on my hips. I find that skirts that fit too tightly across your hips don’t work well with oversized sweaters. 

T-shirt and shorts outfit formula

5. T-shirt and shorts

The next look is what I call my 90s classic because this is totally Rachel and Monica in seasons 1 and 2 of Friends. I love this outfit to death.

I’m wearing an oversized zip-up hoodie with a basic white t-shirt and a pair of high-waisted denim shorts. Together, these pieces give me such casual vibes. This outfit incorporates pieces that I feel are in everybody's wardrobe.

Yoga pants and an oversized top outfit formula

6. Yoga pants & oversized top

Finally, we have the good old yoga pants and oversized anything - it can be a t-shirt, sweater, hoodie, whatever you want. This look has a perfect balance, with the bottom half being form-fitting and the top half looser.

Outfits for when you have nothing to wear

I hope this style guide has given you some inspiration for outfits for when you have nothing to wear. When it comes to styling, neutrals are my go-to since they’re the easiest way to create an outfit.

Let me know your favorite go-to outfit in the comments below!

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