8 Ways to Style a White Button Up Shirt

Bisa Styles
by Bisa Styles

I'm going to be showing you how you can style a men's white shirt in eight different ways. I'll be wearing the same simple blue pants and white heels in each look and showcasing all of the different ways that you can wear a shirt. "borrow" a shirt from your man's closet, and let's get started!

Cute button-up shirt outfits


Here I just turned the sleeves up and tucked the shirt into the pants. This is a classic, crisp, clean look.

Easy button-up shirt outfits


For the next look, I opened up some of the buttons to show a bit more cleavage and create a more relaxed look. I added a red belt to cinch in my waist. The red adds a pop of color and draws your attention to it. I also added a red bag to match the belt. A top style tip is to coordinate your accessories.

Basic button-up shirt outfits

Street style

I tucked in the shirt just on one side and folded the sleeves up a little bit to make it look chic and create a street-style look. I added a cute little Panama hat to create a very on-trend look.

Style a button-up shirt


Here I tied the bow at the front of this shirt and folded the sleeves. The bow creates a gorgeous feminine element that accentuates your waist.

Versatile button-up shirt outfits


To create a cropped look, I folded the shirt under my bra - this is a great style hack. Because the trousers are high-waisted, I'm not showing too much stomach, but enough just to add a fashionable element to the look.

Button-up shirt outfit ideas

Off-the-shoulder 1

For an off-the-shoulder look, you need to do up the buttons from the middle-down. Slip the top part of the shirt off of your shoulders and tuck it in so that you can't see the collar. A small tie at the bottom holds everything together and adds a feminine touch.

How to style a button-up shirt

Off-the-shoulder 2

This is the same as the last look, except I rolled up the sleeves and tucked the tie in. The two looks are very similar but have their slight differences - which do you prefer?

How to wear a white shirt


Time for a one-shoulder look - would you even believe that this is the same shirt? It looks completely different. Here I put the shirt on back to front and had someone else do the buttons up for me. I slipped it off the shoulder and tied a knot at the back to pull it all in. I love how when the buttons are at the back, you have a simple crisp look on the front.

That’s eight different ways that you can wear a men’s button-down shirt. Did you know that you could style it in so many different ways? I like to think of shirts as a bit like origami, you can fold them and create lots of different things! Before you say that you have nothing to wear, why not take a shirt that you already own and style it in a new way.

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