10 Cute Spring Aesthetic Outfits to Celebrate the End of Winter

I don’t know about you guys, but I am so done with winter. The good news is that warmer weather is on its way, and I’m here to show you some spring aesthetic outfits.

So, get ready to shrug off those layers with these cute outfits for spring!

Leather spring outfit

1. Leather combo

For the first look, I went with this super-trendy fit of a faux leather jacket, a bodysuit, and a faux leather skort.

This skort is perfect for those of you out there who want to wear a miniskirt, but you’re scared of it riding up or it not being perv-proof and having to wear shorts underneath. I love the criss-cross feature on the front.

The faux leather jacket doesn’t look very thick on the outside, but it has a Sherpa lining on the inside, making it perfect for colder days.

I finished the look off with a pair of oversized shades because, hey, I like to look unapproachable. 

Sexy spring outfit with a tie crop top

2. Crop top

Here, I’m wearing a rib-knit crop top, and I cannot get over how sexy it looks. It comes with these two strings that you can tie around your waist at the front like a criss-cross, or you can just tie it all up at the back.

I feel like this spring and summer, we will see a lot of these midi crop tops, and they are perfect to go underneath moto jackets or even oversized blazers.

A taupe jacket is perfect with this all-black ensemble, and a pair of high-waisted faux leather pants completes the look.

Cute outfits for March

3. Floral

We can’t have a spring outfit lookbook without including some florals.

I like to mix and match my textures, especially during this transitional season, and this summery romper goes perfectly with this oversized trench coat on top, along with the knee-high boots.

I just think this outfit is perfect; it gives visual contrast and texture. The color on this romper is not too bright nor too pastel, so it is still quite a warm shade.

Clean girl outfit for spring

4. Clean girl trend

If you’re on TikTok, then you might have seen the "Clean Girl" trend all over your feed. That is the look that I’m trying to emulate right now: a super-effortless, model-off-duty look.

First, you start off with a matching set that is very comfortable and functional. I've gone for a simple high-neck crop top and high-rise leggings. Then, you layer an oversized blazer on top.

Hot pink dress for spring 2022

5. Magenta

This next look is kind of on the extra side, but I do like to be a little extra sometimes. I think that this is so versatile; you can dress it up or down. Also, hot pink is the color of 2022.

Magenta spring chic

I have seen a lot of these magenta pinks all over the runway.

Obviously, you can just rock this hot pink dress on its own because it is already such a statement piece, but if you want to, you can also layer on a black blazer.

I really like pairing bright, bold colors with all whites and all blacks.

Aesthetic spring dresses

6. Princess dress

Here, I feel like the main character in my own movie called My Life, and I am a princess living in a huge castle. I also think that this is the perfect spring picnic dress.

Cute cottagecore dress for spring

7. Cottagecore

I know that this is more of a summer than a spring dress, but I could not resist the temptation to buy it when I saw it.

This white smocked midi is the perfect dress for anyone but especially if you’re into princesscore or cottagecore. The best thing is, it’s not see-through because it is lined on the inside.

Classic spring looks

8. White tee and jeans

A white tee and jeans - groundbreaking, I know. You cannot get more basic or classic than this. I’ve gone for a pair of jeans in a bootcut fit.

If this kind of outfit is too basic for you, then just throw on a blazer, and all of a sudden, you take basic to sophisticated—another super clean-cut, model-off-duty look.

Monochrome spring outfit

9. Monochrome

I love this next look because it is very transitional to me. You have summer on the inside and then winter on the outside, and together, summer + winter = spring!

Transitional outfit for spring

I'm wearing a white cropped tee, cream mini skirt, white stiletto boots, and a beige shearling jacket. I love the color palette; it's a cream spring-bunny-style look.

To match the look, I’m going with my little Sherpa bag. I just can’t get enough of furry pieces.

Sexy silk dress for the spring wedding

10. Silk

This look is slightly on the formal side, but I thought I would feature it. This gorgeous silk dress is great for a spring wedding. A dress like this instantly brings out the elegance in you.

I also think this is the perfect girls' night out dress.

How to style spring aesthetic outfits for 2022

If it gets chilly at night, you can throw on a faux leather jacket. It is the perfect match with the dress because it makes you look edgy and trendy.

Spring aesthetic outfits

There we have our cute spring looks. I hope you were able to pick up some inspiration for how to spice up your wardrobe this season. Stay cute, stay classic, and enjoy the sunshine!

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