Spring Trends 2023 From High Style to Street Style

I decided to compare the spring trends of 2023 from what I read in the high fashion magazine to what I see on many influencers on social media. Showing it from high style to street style was the difference in what the magazines are reporting from the runways to seeing trends on real women that are all ages, sizes, and shapes.

Now as I say every year when the spring or fall trends emerge, I don’t think it’s important to buy everything new. So many times we have some of these “new styles” already in our closet since styles cycle around.

Either that or have a go at secondhand items. I have seen many of the items from the spring trends 2023 list at the thrift stores.

You may look at the runway styles and think you could never wear those items. But remember, that is because designers are creative souls and go above and beyond in their combinations. Many times the basic detail will definitely work on us normal women.

BTW, if you are looking for more of these styles, I have shoppable widgets on my site.

High Style

By high style, I’m referring to fashion magazines and runways. Can normal women wear the spring trends of 2023? Of course, because you can tailor it to your needs and desires. Remember, we are the boss of our clothes.

Bright colors for spring trends 2023
Sheer tops for spring trends 2023


Sheer sleeves are an easy way for grown women to embrace this spring trend for 2023 while still being modest and covered.

Then again, there is nothing wrong with rocking a totally sheer top over a camisole or bralette. Don’t let your age dictate what you can or can’t wear. I have some fully sheer tops and they can be fun to layer.

  1. Pink blouse
  2. Black blouse

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Ballet Flats

Ballet flats were the Cinderella of shoes for the longest time. It’s no wonder we are seeing them back in mainstream retailers again.

Obviously, as older women, we need to find brands that support our feet and are comfortable.

  1. Tan ballet flats
  2. Black and white ballet flats
  3. More on my site

Insider tips:

1- If you find yourself with a pair that don’t have arch support, adding Soul Insoles can be the fix.

2-Ordering shoes online can be successful. Just make sure to know the return policy BEFORE you click “add to cart.”

Maxi dresses for spring that aren't overwhelming
Maxi skirt for spring trends 2023


Maxis are a fabulous way to stay covered yet be cool in the summer. Whether you prefer the style of dresses or skirts, they both can work for us.

And while you may look at the above examples and say they are midi length, it’s always good to keep in mind the height of the models showing them. Any of these skirts would be maxis for my 5’2″ body.

  1. Black maxi dress
  2. Print maxi skirt
  3. More on my site

Insider tip: I prefer the length to be at my ankle or above so they aren’t a tripping hazard.

Spring High Style Trends 2023 – Already Seen on the Street

A couple of the spring trends of 2023 from high style to street style, overlap, meaning I already see them styled by my colleagues. Part of the reason is some have been trending for more than just one season, and the other is they are very wearable.

Plaid blazers for casual
Insider tip: Notice both of these paired with blue jeans


Blazers are one of the spring trends of 2023 that I saw both on the high-style sites as well as I see on the street-style side. I call them the upgraded cardigans since so many are more comfortable than what we grew up wearing. Think knit blazers and ones that have spandex in them.

I’ve also seen both oversized blazers as well as cropped blazers, so this is the time to pull out what you have in your closet (or splurge on a new one).

  1. Plaid blazer
  2. Almond blazer
  3. More on my site
Cargo pants for spring trends 2023
Notice the ballet flats with the russet pair and how these pairs are cropped

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants tend to be thought of as bulky and unflattering. However, many of the newer styles aren’t as voluminous. Plus we need to reset our thinking that big is bad. Big is not bad ANYWHERE on our bodies.

  1. Khaki cargo pants
  2. Russet cargo pants

Pink pants for spring trends 2023

Bright Colors

Bright colors are everywhere this season. One article on the high street side talked about acid green. But then you see bright pink all over my Instagram feed. So let’s embrace colors that make us feel alive and good.

  1. Pink pants
  2. Green top
  3. More on my site

Street Style

Here are the styles that I see on many influencers my age even though they weren’t listed in the top spring trends for 2023 in the fashion shows.

Sling bags as part of spring trends 2023
Spring trends 2023 looking at street style

Sling Bags

Sling bags are what I consider to be the modern version of crossbody bags. You could even call them an updated belt bag worn over your shoulder. One of the best traits about sling bags is most of these have interchangeable straps which means you can pick a strap that matches your vibe for the day.

BTW, you will find these at the young girl’s retail stores but also check your local boutiques. OR transform one of your belt bags to be worn this way.

  1. Liberty sling bag available in many colors
  2. Hudson sling bag available in many colors
White sneakers as spring trends 2023 for footwear

White Sneakers

White sneakers are one of those pairs of footwear that are so versatile and work for women of any age. Considering they are white, they go with absolutely everything and you can pair them with denim outfits or dresses.

  1. Adidas
  2. Keds
  3. More on my site
Striped shirts for spring
Striped shirts as part of spring trends

Striped Tops

Striped tops are definitely one of those classics and I’m seeing all sorts of renditions in my Instagram feed including sweaters for the cooler spring weather.

  1. Short sleeve striped top
  2. Blue and white striped top

Flare jeans for women over 50
Jeans for spring trends 2023


Jeans are always seen in everyday life, and there is no age limit to wearing them. The younger crowds are embracing the wider silhouettes whether that is the straight-leg, wide-leg, or bootcut. It’s not that skinny jeans are never seen, just as I’ve written why they will always be a classic. However, it’s nice to be modern and incorporate these other styles into your daily lives.

  1. Bootcut flare jeans in a dark wash
  2. Boot cut in a light wash
  3. More on my site
Spring trends 2023 high style to street style

What This All Means

I think we all love seeing what the new season brings in terms of style and fashion. I know I do. And while I adore adding new things to my closet, it’s also financially and environmentally smart to wear what we already own.

I’m a firm believer that we can wear older pieces and combine them with modern styles to look like we live in the 2020s and be stylish.

Here are a couple of ideas if you aren’t sure how to style some of the newer spring trends of 2023. See how the retailers style it in their photo display. The retailers usually show the basic version that will help you if you prefer a more minimalistic and classic look.


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