5 Easy Style Hacks That Transform Your Outfit in 60 Seconds

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One of the questions I get most often is how do I tweak a basic look or my staple outfit formula so that it feels styled but not contrived.

The answer is that we don't need to add more things to our closet. Often, it's about using style hacks. So I've got little tweaks you can make to your outfit.

You don't have to employ all of these things in one outfit. It's really about looking at your outfit and assessing if something's missing or needs a tweak.

These little styling tweaks only look and feel authentic when there's some functionality and practicality behind them. We should not be tweaking our outfits just for the sake of it because that's when it feels contrived.

Cuffing and rolling sleeves

1. Cuffing and rolling sleeves

Cuffing and rolling your sleeves looks good when it's done to play with proportions to perhaps show a little bit of skin if you're wearing something oversized or boxy.

I love cuffing the sleeves of more classic tailored items like button-up shirts. I like how cuffing and scrunching it in a messy and undone way juxtaposes and adds some tension to the crisp tailoring.

It's important to do with this shirt because it has a boxy shape and is oversized on me.

So, to balance out the visuals and ensure I'm not getting lost, I have both buttons undone pretty low and have my sleeves cuffed if I'm wearing it out, and there's no definition. 

Cuffing and rolling sleeves

Another example of this is with this denim shirt.

Here it's untucked, I don't have any definition, but this look requires some visual balance in the proportion.

So I achieve that by showing the skin of my forearms and keeping my buttons undone low. 

Cuffing and rolling sleeves

Here's an example now where I don't love cuffing the sleeves right away, and that is when I'm wearing this oversized men's button-up.

I like how the cuff comes past my hand, especially when it's layered underneath a sweater.

I end up just scrunching up the sleeves quickly. It feels more purposeful and intentional because I do require the use of my hands.

Cuffing and rolling jeans

2. Cuffing and rolling jeans

Usually, if something is feeling off in my look, proportions are the first thing I look to tweak. Changing the hemline of whatever you've got on can help with this.

You may have jeans that have been cuffed or rolled for a long time, and maybe all you need to do is unroll them and uncuff them and see what that does to the lines in your outfit.

Or perhaps you want to show off your shoes, change up the proportion, or add a little bit of edge and give something more of a playful vibe. Then see what your denim looks like cuffed.

It will depend on the proportions you want to achieve that day and how you want to balance them with the rest of your look.

Tucking in shirts and sweaters

3. Tucking in shirts and sweaters

The front tuck or French tuck is a fantastic styling tweak.

However, it can feel contrived if you're doing it just for the sake of doing it. When we are tucking shirts in, it's to create some definition in the overall look and change the silhouette.

Consider where you want your hemline to fall and where you want the definition on your body to be.

Tucking a top in gives the eye somewhere to go when it's looking at the overall outfit.

Tucking in shirts and sweaters

I love doing a little half-tuck because it lets me show off my beautiful leather belts. 

Adding color, shine, or texture

4. Add color, shine, or texture

My next styling tip is to change out your purse for one with more hardware or something in a different color or texture.

This brings up the look to feel a little bit more polished without being too fussy because you're not piling on the jewelry. 

Adding color, shine, or texture

Don't worry whether it matches the rest of your look. Just try swapping out the purse, make it the one pop of color or that one interesting piece, and see how that goes.

A lot of good looks are born out of things with a bit of tension and unexpected combinations.


5. Play with your accessories 

If you are missing something in your outfit, try adding a little bit of shine by way of a heftier earring.

Or, if we're looking at necklaces, instead of having your typical short necklace layered with a pendant, try piling on a series of shorter necklaces to give a different visual heft around your neck.

I hope you’ve found these sixty-second styling tweaks useful and you’ll give them a go for yourself! Small things like these really can make a tremendous difference.

Which tip is your favorite? Comment down below!

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    I am very inspired, I will try all of the tweaks suggested. Looking forward to part 2 of this topic.