5 Cute Summer Outfit Ideas, From Casual to Dressy

Kerina Wang
by Kerina Wang

Summer is finally upon us, and I’ve got the best summer outfits planned out that I want to share with you. I’ve created some elevated basics outfits that everyone can wear as well as some more trendy, vibrant outfits for those of you who are more fashion forward. So without further ado, let’s unveil summer outfit idea number one.

Summer outfit with mom jeans

1. Elevated basic

For this first look, I thought I would start off with something super basic and classic. I have on a simple white crop top that is comfortable, flattering, and, more importantly, not see-through. For the jeans, I went for a high-waisted pair of mom jeans; the jeans are nice and roomy, so they don’t constrict my movement. For footwear, I wanted to go a bit more dressy, so I picked out a pair of pink heels, and then I have a little leather bag in a matching shade; the two go hand-in-hand perfectly. The way to dress up a casual outfit is to go with footwear and accessories that are bright and fun. A pair of sunnies finish off the look.

Summer outfit with a blazer

I could not do a trendy haul without including an oversized blazer of some sort. This sand-colored blazer looks amazing over my crop-top and jeans. Oversized blazers are such a mood-booster for me.

Citrus-inspired summer outfit

2. Summer citrus

For the next outfit, I went a little bit more colorful for those of you who love colors, especially in the warmer months. I’m wearing a tube top that has oranges on it, and it just reminds me of Italian summers. I’m also showing you another way to rock these jeans. A more casual way to style them is to roll up the bottoms and wear them with sneakers. I feel like this outfit has a really laid-back vacation feel to it, especially when you pair it with a white shirt and a big tote bag.

Pink and white summer outfit

3. Summer cottagecore

I’m not sure what aesthetic this outfit is, but whatever it is, I’m all over it. I feel like it might be some sort of summer cottagecore. It is so feminine and girly. The top is a pink crochet top that feels a little bit like a towel.

How to style cute summer outfits

The back is held together by these two ties.

This outfit would be great to wear if you’re heading to the beach and want to get a tan going on. Wear a bikini under and throw this outfit on top so you can get the maximum amount of tan and cuteness going. On the bottom, I have a white skater skirt that goes with everything in the summertime, and white and baby pink is an amazing color combo. To finish off the outfit, I have a pair of chunky mules that are chunky enough to knock a grown man down.

Wearing high-waisted pants in the summer

4. Suit pants

Next up, I’m wearing a pair of gray high-waisted suit pants that has a pleated design going on at the front with a flared bottom. This trend of wearing pleated, high-waisted dress pants as casual pants has been going on for a while now, and I’m loving it. I paired them with my trusted white crop top from the first outfit.

Summer outfit ideas

But if wearing just a crop top will make you feel a bit too exposed, you can throw a dress shirt on over the top, which makes it really relaxed and casual and gives you a bit more coverage. A pair of sneakers help to dress down the look and give it a more casual vibe.

Corset top outfit

5. Corset top

Lastly, I want to talk about this corset top. I have seen corset tops on my Tiktok and my Pinterest feed for so long, I think they are making a giant comeback for this summer, so I needed to grab one for myself. This one I’m wearing has tie-string details on the sides,

Cute summer outfit ideas

As well as on the back. It also has a scalloped detail on the hem.

Cute summer outfit ideas

That brings us to the end of our summer fashion lookbook. I hope that you were able to pick up some inspiration for new pieces that you might like to try out. Let me know in the comments which type of outfit you are dying to rock this summer. 

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