This Fashion Hack Gives Your Button-up a NEW LOOK

Chloe Aicha
by Chloe Aicha
2 Materials
3 Minutes

Are you fed-up wearing your button-up in the same old way?

Give it a fresh, stylish new look with this fashion hack. Watch closely and see how easy it is!

Tools and materials:

  • Loose button-up
  • Button covers (optional)
Shirt transformation

Wearing shirt backwards

1. Wear it backwards

Turn your shirt so the buttons are towards you, and slip your left arm into one sleeve.

Putting on sleeve

2. Sleeve

Grab the free sleeve with your right hand and hold it up.

Slip your left hand under the bottom edge of the shirt.

Twisting shirt

3. Twist

Raise your left hand level with your right shoulder and lower your right hand to your hip.

Twisting shirt

Let the fabric in your left hand fall over the sleeve. 

Grab the end of the sleeve in your left hand and lift it up.

Putting on right sleeve

4. Right sleeve

Hold the front of the shirt near the collar with your right hand and let the sleeve drop.

Putting on right sleeve

Slip your right arm into the sleeve.

Fastening shirt

5. Fasten

Adjust the drape at the front.

Fastening buttons

Fasten the buttons at the back.

6. Button covers

Tuck your shirt into the front of your pants or skirt for a tailored look.


Optionally, you can add button covers to the buttons on your cuffs, to elevate your outfit even further.

Glam shirt hack

Glam shirt hack

This is such a glamorous, elegant look. No one would ever believe you’re wearing your old, baggy button-up!

Do you like this fashion hack? Would you wear it?

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Suggested materials:
  • Loose button-up
  • Button covers (optional)

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