This is My Favorite Hack for Button-down Blouses

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Here’s my favorite fashion hack for button-down shirts.

This hack is great if you’re feeling bored of blouses you already have in your closet, and you’re looking for something new without shelling out the money.

Inserting arm through sleeve

1. Insert one arm through a sleeve

With the open side facing you, put your arm through one sleeve of your button-down top.


2. Drape the opposite corner over the neckline

Pull the opposite corner of the top up and drape it over the neckline.

Putting other sleeve on

3. Put on the other sleeve

Put your arm through the second sleeve.


4. Button up the back

Close up all of the buttons in the back. You can bring it up if it’s easier.


5. Tuck 

Tuck the hanging fabric into your pants.

Cute DIY shirt hack

Cute DIY shirt hack

Adjust the collar and you’re done. Here’s the finished top! Let us know what you think about this fashion hack down below.

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See you all next time!

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