7 Cute Outfits With Sweatpants That Show How to Dress Up Sweats

In this style guide, I’m going to show you how to style sweats because, let's be honest, we all have a few pairs of sweats at home. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these seven cute outfits with sweatpants that I’ve put together.

White sweatpants with a cropped sweater

1. All in the details

First up, I’ve styled some white sweats with a cropped orange sweater. Then, I added a little color with my big chunky sneakers and bright handbag. I also have on a big pair of pink sunglasses.

The shoes and accessories really add a lot of character to this look, and they create an overall fun, playful vibe. All these details really dress up the sweatpants.

How to style sweatpants

2. Tight and loose

In this outfit, I’m wearing a nude bodysuit, with an oversized shirt layered over the top. I really like the look of the tight base layer, with the loose shirt on top.

To accessorize, I added a headband for a feminine touch that matches the tones in the shirt. I could wear this out to brunch - it feels dressy, even though I'm wearing sweatpants.

How to style white sweatpants

3. Effortlessly chic

Here, I’ve thrown on an oversized cardigan and have tucked one side in for an asymmetrical aesthetic.

To make this outfit a little more dressed up, I added a pair of open-back kitten heels, a wide brim hat, a pair of sunnies, and a little bag.

This look was so easy to pull together yet looks very high-end and chic.

What to wear with sweatpants

4. Tomboyish

Here, I’ve changed up the white pants for a pair of tie-dye ones in white and beige. I’ve styled them with a nude tank top and a sleeveless denim jacket.

This gives off quite a tomboyish vibe, but it still looks feminine because of the belt bag around my waist that helps define my figure. This could be great for a grocery run or warm evenings.

Can I wear sweatpants to work?

5. Dressed up

Here, I’m wearing the pants with their matching sweatshirt. I really like a matching set like this because not only does it look great when the pieces are worn together, but you have the option to wear them separately as well.

I threw on an oversized blazer over the top, and it instantly dresses the outfit up. The sharp lines of the shoulders also give the overall look more structure.

Again, the accessories also really help to dress these sweatpants up, especially jewelry.

How to wear sweatpants and still look cute

6. Tie-dye base

Here I’m wearing another tie-dye sweatsuit; the pattern on this one is a bit bolder. I paired it with a denim jacket as the color matches the shade of blue in the design.

I finished off the look with a baseball cap, again in blue, and a comfy pair of sneakers that have a blue tongue. Picking out colors like this really makes the outfit look put together.

I had to throw in some more color with my bag because, well, I’m a maximalist when it comes to styling. The more colors and prints, the better!

Cute outfits with sweatpants

7. Tied-up

Last but not least, I wanted to show you how you could style a matching sweatsuit in warmer weather. When it’s too hot to wear a sweater, you can still incorporate it into your outfit by tying it over one shoulder and across your chest.

This is a fun way to use an item of clothing almost as an accessory. Again, details really matter here. I kept the rest of the look simple by only going with neutral colors.

Cute outfits with sweatpants

There we have seven cute outfits with sweatpants. I hope this style guide has shown you that wearing comfy sweatpants doesn’t mean looking slouchy.

Rather, you can dress them up with stylish clothing and accessories to make them look chic. You don’t have to compromise on your comfort or your style.

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