How to Recreate the Effortless French Girl Aesthetic

Fab Sakker
by Fab Sakker

In this style tutorial, we are going to explore the French aesthetic or what I like to call the "effortless French girl" look. The effortless French girl has been popping up a lot on my Pinterest lately.

The effortless French girl

The effortless French girl

She’s normally captured galavanting across a Parisian street, at an art gallery with a super-chic outfit on. Or she’s casually eating breakfast in her amazing apartment. She’s got some freshly baked croissants, and she’s wistfully looking out of her apartment at the Eiffel Tower. 

Effortless French style

The effortless French girl is classic and stylish, but it is sort of a no-effort thing as if she just rolled out of bed that way.

In this tutorial, we're going to explore the core themes in the French aesthetic, key wardrobe pieces, and how to emulate that effortless French style.

French aesthetic color palette

The French aesthetic

I think the key to the whole French vibe is less is more. First up, before we get into the specific garments that the French girl wears, we have to talk about the color palette.

The effortless French girl has a very muted color palette; she likes beige, camel, champagne, white and black. Most of the colors are very muted except for a classic military red, which is a color they like to throw in there too.

Having such a muted and select color palette can be a little bit restrictive. At the same time, it’s actually kind of a good idea because it means that every piece of clothing that you own goes with other things in your closet very easily.

Another major element of French style that I’ve noticed is quality over quantity. So as you’ll see, the French girl likes to invest in quality pieces that are timeless and classic.

Elements of the French girl style

French girl wearing high-rise mid-wash blue jeans

1. Blue jeans

The first piece of clothing I always see the effortless French girl wearing is a classic pair of mid-wash blue denim jeans.

I rarely see them wearing skinny jeans, it’s almost always a straight cut or a boot cut. Pretty much all of the time, they are high-waisted or maybe a mid-rise.

French girls wearing an oversized silky blouse

2. Silk blouse

Another staple piece for the effortless French girl is some sort of satiny, silky blouse. I normally see them wearing them in a cream or champagne color.

Generally, they like to go for an oversized fit and tuck it into those blue denim jeans. 

Classic French aesthetic outfit with a silk blouse and blue jeans

I will say that this look is very classic. It’s a timeless outfit that’s not going to go out of style. As trends come and go, you can add a trend piece to this very classic outfit.

French girls wear cami tops

3. Cami top

As well as the silky blouse, the French girl does like a silky cami top. Wearing lingerie as clothing does go along with that whole undone, "I just rolled out of bed this way" vibe.

I think that a crucial way to pull off the cami top as clothing is going for one that is a little more dressed up, so maybe one that has a little bit of lace on it.

Wearing a cami top and leather jacket in the French style

Another trick to pulling off the cami top is to make sure the rest of your outfit is quite dressed up, tailored even. That way, it doesn’t look like you’re just wearing pajamas.

Here, I’ve gone for these black linen tailored shorts and then popped on a structured leather jacket over the top. The cami element of the outfit gives it that casual, undone, sensual vibe.

French girls wearing leather jackets

4. Leather jacket

The leather jacket in the outfit leads me to another French girl staple that I’ve noticed which is… a black leather jacket. The one I have has quite a 90s vintage feel to it.

French aesthetic outfits

Or you could go for that more traditional biker-style leather jacket. This seems to definitely be a staple piece for the French girl, and I think it’s a great way to add texture to outfits.

Effortless French girl tousled hair

5. Tousled hair

Let’s not forget effortless French girl hair. They all seem to have perfectly tousled undone hair that floats around, yet it doesn’t look messy. 

Wearing claw clips in hair

6. Claw clip

I’ve also noticed that they like to accessorize a lot with a little hair scarf in there or a claw clip. Claw clips are coming back in in a really big way.

I like them because they’re very practical to sweep your hair up, but they’re not a hair tie that pulls your hair back tightly. You get to have that undone, wispy look while wearing your hair up.

French aesthetic style guide

7. Beret

I do think the ultimate accessory is a beret. I don’t know how many girls in Paris are running around with a beret on; I suspect probably not many, but who cares! When I think French girl, I think beret.

Going for a beret in that French girl color palette is always a good idea. In general, hats and hair accessories are an easy extra thing that adds some je ne sais quoi to your outfit.

French aesthetic style guide

Now you are all clued up about the French girl aesthetic, you're ready to emulate the style. Go for classic, timeless pieces in a neutral color palette, and you’ll be looking très chic in no time!

Let me know your favorite element of the French aesthetic in the comment below.

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  • Leslie Leslie on Apr 21, 2022

    Coco Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karan, Halston, Calvin Klein, Oleg Cassini, Norman Norell and many more are ALL American designers who have contributed magnificently to the "less is more" ( old concept) thought process in fashion design. You can wear almost any one of these designers fashions today as well as when they were at the height of their careers. Coco Chanel changed the fashion industry in the late 1800s and her clothes are as wearable today as they were when she designed them. Any one of the looks you present could be attributed to any one of the designers I mentioned. Looks come and go, trends can be fun but rarely last, quality and perfect design that compliments a woman's body have staying power. I still use my Aunts Coach leather handbag that she bought in the late 50's early 60's. Good taste, style and design NEVER fade. Your post has good points but the label is misleading and to the fashion savvy person a bit off putting. It suggests that the look you are describing only pertains to a French Girl which is wrong, it pertains to any person that has that simple, timeless and well crafted look. I would call Jackie Kennedys', Melania Trumps', Nancy Reagans' and a lot of other President's wives fashion sense timeless and impeccable. This is the problem with "trends". they get labeled badly, Most of the looks you example are timeless. I wore many of those looks in my youth and the one piece of clothing you forgot was a beautifully made classic suit jacket to wear over a silk shirt with jeans :)♥️