How to Style Leather Leggings in 10 Trendy Ways

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Wondering how to style leather leggings? In this lookbook, I’m going to show you ten stylish ways to wear them.

I think we’ve all been in the situation where we don’t know how to style our leather leggings without looking like Sandy from Grease (although it was a super iconic look) so here I’m going to give you some fresh inspiration.

How to style leather leggings: tight & loose

1. Tight & loose

This is an outfit that everyone can pull off. I’m wearing a pair of black faux-leather ankle booties, leather leggings, and an oversized sweater.

I tucked the sweater in at the middle which will create the illusion of a smaller waist (anything helps!). The back of the sweater covers my tushy. I like how this look is tight on the top and loose on the bottom.

Because the sweater has a wide v-neck, I’m wearing a halter top underneath with the straps peeking through for an added bit of style.

To accessorize, I have a plain, structured bag. 

How to style leather leggings: Preppy look

2. Preppy

This next outfit is adorable! I have on a lace tunic underneath a blouse, as the tunic is longer you can see it hanging down below the blouse.

Over the top, I’ve layered a plain gray cardigan. I also have the sleeves from my shirt pulled out from beneath the cardigan to give it a bit more style.

For footwear, I’m wearing a pair of plain white canvas sneakers to add a more casual touch, but the outfit still looks very put-together.

This outfit gives me preppy, schoolgirl-esque vibes.

How to style leather leggings: Monochrome

3. (Almost) monochrome

For this look, I’m wearing a loose black shirt that is nice and flowy. It is slightly longer at the back than the front so gives you a bit of coverage. It also has little peepholes for your thumbs to keep your sleeves down.

I’m wearing it with the faux leather leggings and, for footwear, I’m wearing a pair of thigh-high burgundy boots. The boots add a touch of color in a subtle way as they are still quite dark. 

How to style leather leggings: Brown & black

4. Brown & black

Pairing the faux leather leggings with brown helps to soften their edge. Here I have on a pair of tan, suede stiletto thigh-high boots which are always fabulous for fall.

I’m wearing a leopard print infinity scarf and a loose-knitted cardigan in a leopard print. To accessorize I have a white crossbody bag with chain detail. 

How to style leather leggings: Wooly textures

5. Wooly textures

Next up, we have something that is dressed down yet very put together. I have on a pair of black suede hiking boots with wool detail. I’m wearing a greenish-brown sweater that is slightly cropped to show my belly a little bit.

To finish it off, I have a fabulous jacket that is so trendy with the faux wool lined all around. I can go into the mountains and still look chic.

How to style leather leggings: Leggings & pullover

6. Leggings & pullover

A lot of people think that you can’t really dress down leather leggings, but you absolutely can.

Here I’ve paired the leggings with a button-down shirt with the collar and the bottom of the sleeves peeping out of the pullover on top. I went for a nude army print sweater but really anything can work. White sneakers on my feet keep the look laid-back.

How to style leather leggings: Leggings & dress

7. Leggings & dress

For this look, all you need to do is pull over a dress and that’s it.

The dress is fitted on top and loose on the bottom; it gives you a shape, yet it gives you room to move around and it’s also forgiving.

My footwear is brown ankle boots that give my feet a little pop of style in this all-black outfit.

How to style leather leggings: Leggings & mini skirt

8. Leggings & mini skirt

If you have a skirt that’s a little bit too short that you can’t really wear on its own, the solution is to throw a pair of faux leather leggings underneath.

I’ve gone for a cropped sweater in the same khaki tone as the skirt.

How to style leather leggings: Iconic Sandy from Grease look

9. Iconic look

This is one of those iconic Sandy from Grease looks that people think about when they picture leather leggings.

I paired the bottoms with an asymmetrical strappy black tank top that oozes that cool girl vibe. I threw over a loose black cardigan for some extra coverage and on my feet, I have on some black high heels.

How to style leggings: Leggings & hoodie

10. Leggings & hoodie

Here I threw on an oversized hoodie and pulled the hoodie over one shoulder, so it looks asymmetrical and gives me a little bit of style.

To accessorize, I put on a quilted backpack with chain detail over the shoulder that is exposed.

On my feet, I’m wearing the same black hiking boots as before.

How to style leather leggings

There we have 10 trendy ways that you can wear faux leather leggings. I hope that this has given you some styling inspiration. Let me know which look is your favorite in the comments below.

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