How to Style Linen Pants: Classy Outfit Ideas for Summer & Beyond

Welcome to this fashion tutorial on how to style linen pants. If you're spending time building your summer wardrobe, you've probably realized that linen is the perfect summer fabric.

Today I’m focusing on two pairs of linen pants I have in my wardrobe - a light and a dark version - and I’ll show you how to style them for summer.

How to style white linen pants

1. Double linen

I'm doing a double linen look here; wearing a vest top underneath enables me to utilize the shirt as a lightweight jacket. I love the relaxed look, and it gives me options if the weather changes. 

Best fabric for summer pants

2. Plain white tee

White t-shirts match virtually everything, and they add an air of minimalism to your look. I rarely leave my t-shirts loose and prefer to either completely tuck them in or do a half tuck. It highlights and emphasizes your waistline, breaking up the look quite nicely.

Here, I've added a belt to draw the eye to this area. Finish this look off with Converse shoes; they are super comfortable and allow your feet to breathe in the heat. 

Tip: It's not impossible, but it's harder to create a minimal elegant look with vibrant prints. Instead, I opt for plain items of clothing and dress the items up with accessories for more depth.

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3. Linen & silk

Linen and silk are a lovely fabric combination; I love the contrast of textures. To balance out my shape, I've tied the silk shirt in a knot at my waistband. The tan belt helps cinch in my waist for even more definition, and the block heels bring some subtle glam. 

Styling high-waisted linen pants for the office

4. Office ready

Linen pants are a great way to combine summer vibes and office-ready style. They match well with blouses and oversized blazers for a relaxed yet formal finish. Two great workwear combinations are high-waisted linen pants, a fitted vest, and a blazer, or a half-tucked oversized shirt.

Giselle Bundchen wearing linen pants

This Giselle Bundchen look is an excellent example of a chic linen workwear style: softly tailored linen pants and a plain shirt mix well for a professional yet style-conscious ensemble. 

Colorful monochrome linen pants outfits

If you're fond of color, you're in luck because the high street is currently full to the brim of bold and beautiful linens. 

Styling a shirt with linen pants

5. Shirt styling

Pair your linen pants with a shirt and simply tie the shirt, so it sits at your waistband. I wanted to add a little more depth to the look, so I opted for my faithful black loafers and a matching handbag.

You can use all kinds of shirts, from long-sleeved to short-puffed or balloon.

How to wear linen pants

Tip: using an oversized shirt as a beach cover-up is a great way to save money and avoid buying a specific pool cover-up.

Styling linen pants for the beach

6. To the beach 

If you're by the beach this summer, don't forget to pack your linen pants. A great styling hack for poolside days is to layer your linen pants over your swimsuit; this mimics a bodysuit or a sleek cami without you needing to pack extra clothes in your bag.

Light linen pants outfit

7. Complete linen look 

If you're looking for an effortless and light summer outfit, try doubling up on your linen. Linen tops come in all shapes and sizes, but my two winners are shirts and spaghetti-strapped linen tops.

Here, I've styled my beige linen cami with the pants, a taupe braided belt for definition, and a sprinkle of gold with my sandals and earrings. The straw bag ties in with the beiges, and the overall effect is effortlessly chic for casual days in the sunshine.

If you want to take a double linen look to the next level, go for similar hues for a monochrome style. 

Styling dark linen pants

8. Dark linen

This is a similar look to earlier, but with a darker shade of linen. I've left the pants without a belt this time, so they sit lower on my hips, and I've added flat camel sandals for a relaxed vibe.

The vest top shows my shape, while the linen shirt adds another texture into the mix. I really love camel, khaki, and white together; it feels incredibly summery, and they're such gentle, elegant tones. 

Tip: As I don't have the longest legs in the world, I add a turn-up to my pants. Showing a bit of skin around your ankle can help elongate your overall shape.

How to style linen pants for the evening

9. Evening 

Linen is absolutely suited to evening wear too, especially if your linen pants feature soft tailoring or are high-waisted, as this elevates them above more casual options.

I like to pair my linen with silk or satin fabrics when dressing for the evening. Not only do these feel more luxe, but they offer a slight sheen as well. Adding a belt means that I can wear these pants a little bit higher waisted and it also adds a more striking waistband. The eye then gravitates to that area, which creates an hourglass shape.

How to style linen pants

If like me, you are trying to build a conscious wardrobe filled with high-quality fabrics and pieces that will last a lifetime, linen pants could become your new best friend for this summer. The fabric oozes summer vibes and is perfect for those days when the heat is more intense. 

Let me know your favorite look in the comments below.

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