How to Wear White Jeans in Summer: 1 Pair of Jeans, 4 Cute Outfits

In today’s tutorial, I’m going to be showing you different ways to style white jeans. I’ve always been a big believer that you can wear white jeans all year round, even in the colder months, but I feel like people associate white jeans when it’s spring or summer.

So, today I’m going to show you four different ways to style one pair of white jeans. Let’s jump right into the tutorial.

White jeans with a purple top

1. Dressing up white jeans

I’m going to be starting off with my favorite outfit. I’m styling it with a purple top that has a little bit of a waterfall-style drape in the front. I am in love with this color, which is the Color of the Year, Very Peri.

It’s the perfect color for summer and, paired with these crisp white jeans, it stands out even more. This top is pretty cool and unique because on one side, it’s a regular tank-top style, and on the other, it’s a spaghetti-strap style that’s adjustable like a bra, which I really love. 

Adding a white belt with a gold buckle

I accessorized the look with a white belt that has a gold buckle. I wanted the top to stand out, so a white belt was perfect for this look.

Statement gold earrings

In terms of jewelry, I added a pair of statement gold earrings. I wanted some kind of statement to make this outfit pop and these earrings were perfect.

Accessorizing with open-toe mules

For the shoes, I’m adding a pair of open-toe mules in the same purple color. I wanted to match the shoes and the top together. If you want to play around with different colors, you can add a pair of nude wedges or black shoes.

Accessorizing with a wicker tote

To finish off the look, I’m adding a large, wicker-style tote with a nice design on the front. This bag is so amazing for summer and it adds a nice statement to any look.

White jeans with a blue denim shirt

2. White jeans with a shirt

In this style, I’m going to be dressing down the white jeans. The first look was super dressed up so now I’m going to be dressing it down more for a casual style you can wear on the weekends or running errands.

I’m starting with a short-sleeve denim top. I love tops like this because they’re super casual, but still give off a nice, put-together look. You can never go wrong with a denim top like this.

Like the first look, I’m adding the same white belt with the gold buckle detail. It’s a nice accessory without doing too much. 

How to dress down white jeans

For the shoes, I hoped for a bright-yellow pair of sneakers. I absolutely love these sneakers for the summer. They’re bright and bold and right on trend for the summer. It also gives the sneaker a nice, dressed-up look.

If you’re looking for a pair of sneakers and you don’t want to seem too frumpy or boring with your look, opt for a pair of colorful sneakers. They’re perfect.

What to wear with white jeans

Another accessory I’m adding is a yellow padded headband. This adds a nice pop to the look without doing too much. Adding a headband piece instantly gives a girly touch to a sneaker look.

White jeans with pops of blue and yellow

Lastly, I’m adding a small black bag that can be worn on the shoulders or crossbody. It has a snake print that adds a pop of print to the white jeans look.

All-white base

3. White jeans with a colored blazer

In this outfit idea, I’m going to set it with a white tank top to create an all-white base. This tank-top is one of my favorites; it has a gold zipper on the back, and it’s super simple yet comfy.

White jeans with a red blazer

I wanted to do a dressy look, maybe even a nighttime look for the summer, so I’m going to be adding a red blazer layer. This bright bold red blazer with white jeans instantly gives it a nice pop. I also played around with the sleeves and rolled them up to give it a summer vibe.

How to dress up white jeans

For the shoes, I’m adding a pair of black peekaboo toe mules. These are one of my favorite super high heels and they’re great for a night-out look.

Glittery accessories

To accessorize, I’m adding a glittery, glitz and glam headband and earrings. Even if you’re going out to a bar or a nice dinner when it’s still light outside, this is still a perfect outfit because you’re wearing a light palette while giving it a bit of nighttime glamor.

Formal white jeans outfit

To finish off the look, I’m adding a leather, structured back clutch.

Smart-casual white jeans outfit

4. Smart-casual white jeans outfit

For this look, I wanted to do more of a dressed-up, casual look so I’m pairing the white jeans with a bright, bold button-down top in a nice, coral color. This is another great color for the summer and the top is fresh linen material, making it perfect for summer.

Again, this bright, bold color just stands out against the neutral white. I wanted to keep the look simple, so I lightly accessorized it with a gold chain necklace and my handy dandy gold hoop earrings.

White jeans with a pink shirt

For the shoes, I’m adding a pair of low-heeled wedges with a snake print on them. They add a nice pop of print to the look and it gives this casual look a dressed-up touch. 

How to wear white jeans in the summer

To finish off the look, I’m adding a round, rattan bag over the shoulders.

How to wear white jeans in the summer

That’s it for this tutorial on how to style white jeans for the summer. White jeans are such a classic summer wardrobe staple. Let me know which style is your favorite!

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