6 Cute Spring & Summer Outfits Inspired By Architecture

In this style guide, I’m going to show you some trendy spring and summer outfits, but there’s a bit of a twist. All six of the outfits that I’m going to be showing you are inspired by buildings. I took pictures of the buildings I love while walking around outside, and I’m going to draw ideas from the buildings and incorporate them into my looks.

Purple and brick architecture

1. Purple & brick

The first building that inspired me was this super-cute, Easter-decorated home, and I love the punch of the periwinkle purple color as the door. 

Purple and brick outfit

I don’t have that particular shade of purple, but I figured this dress very much embodies the essence of this color combination.

What’s interesting in this particular building is that the purple is against a brick background. That reminded me of this leather jacket.

I wouldn’t normally pair something that’s so rich with a pastel shade; however, I do think this outfit works and creates an unexpected contrast in that I am pairing a pastel, spring color with something that is a bit more of a fall/winter color.

Because the undertones of these colors are on the opposite end of the spectrum, it creates a visually pleasing look. To tie the rest of the outfit together, I have some leather booties and a leather bag.

Green, pink, and gray architecture

2. Green & pink

Here I love the pop of baby pink against the gray background, and I also love the contrast with the green storefront next to it.

Green, pink, and gray outfit

Again, I didn’t pick the exact same shades of colors, but I did go with the color palette of pink, green and gray. I chose a gray top that has padded shoulders; shoulder pads look very flattering on my figure.

On the bottom, I have a pair of pink denim shorts, and to accessorize, I went with a punch of green with this bright bag. I love the pop of color against the neutral and toned-down background. I kept my footwear simple with a pair of sneakers in a nude tone.

Blue and beige architecture

3. Blue & beige

This next building is located near Soho in New York, and I was instantly drawn to it. The blue on the beige-tan background stands out so much, and if you look closely, you’ll see some little pops of green.

Blue and beige outfit

In this outfit, I’m wearing a shirt that has the exact color combination with blue stripes and thin gray stripes in between them. On the bottom, I’m wearing a pair of light tan colored pants.

The pants tone down the blue of the shirt a bit and help to ground it, so it isn’t too in your face. To accessorize, I have a beautiful creamy-colored bag.

This is such an easy outfit formula; you use neutral colors for most of the pieces in your outfit and then just have one pop of color to really stand out.

Yellow and cream architecture

4. Yellow & cream

This next building is in a gorgeous shade of yellow. I feel like yellow is a popular color this season because it is very energetic, exciting, and reminds you of sunshine.

Yellow and cream outfit

Of course, I had to bring out my yellow silk shirt. It is beautiful and flowy, and instead of doing the traditional tuck, I did a half-tuck into my creamy-white ripped jeans. I like that they are not a really stark white color. 

Yellow bag to accessorize

To accessorize, I have a yellow bag that has some black trim detail that reminds me of the trim around the windows on the building.

Lime green and black architecture

5. Green & black

Next up is another green building, this time in a gorgeous shade of lime.

Lime green and black outfit

This shade of green is a very sophisticated green with yellow undertones to it, and because this top is in a silk material, you can see different shades of green from different angles as you move.

On the bottom, I have a pair of black pants with some lime green embroidery that stands out, and it’s really beautiful and intricate.

To finish off, I have a textured bag that adds a three-dimensional effect to the outfit.

Pink and black architecture

6. Pink & black

The last picture is of flowers in front of a pink building, so it's essentially just shades of pink. This is another trick when putting together colorful outfits: pick one color and pair different tones of that color together. I guarantee the outfit will look cohesive.

Pink and black outfit

I’m wearing a pink pinstriped top paired with some pink pants. The pattern on the pants reminds me a bit of the building with the windows against the pink background. It looks very pleasing to the eye. I tied the outfit together with a pink bag; the gold hardware on the bag matches well with my warmer skin tone.

Spring and summer outfits inspired by architecture

Spring and summer outfits inspired by architecture

I hope you enjoyed this unconventional styling lookbook. I think it’s great to draw fashion inspiration from things outside the social media world. Next time you’re taking a walk outside, take a look at your surroundings and see if you can get any inspiration for your spring and summer outfits.

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