10 Spring-Summer 2022 Fashion Trends & How to Make Them Wearable

Today, I’m going to show you 10 looks inspired by British Vogue’s spring-summer 2022 fashion trends. We’ll first look at the runway looks, and then I’m going to recreate the trend myself, using pieces that I already own. Let’s jump on in!

Micro and mini skirts for spring 2022

1. Micro mania

The first trend is all about the mini-skirt. While I don’t think that the super mini-skirts are very wearable, I do believe that you can still pull out any mini-skirt in your wardrobe and create a very chic look.

Wearing a mini skirt for spring 2022

This look is inspired by the Miu Miu runway, where they paired a very short mini-skirt with a belt and an oversized cotton shirt. I took some elements of the Miu Miu look and paired a puff-sleeve cotton shirt with a tan mini-skirt.

I love the blue and tan combination and how the belt perfectly matches the skirt. Instead of wearing the belt low-rise, I believe that cinching the belt on my waist is still the most flattering look if you are petite like I am.

For more fashion tips for petite ladies, see my previous tutorial on how to dress to look tall.

On my feet, I have a pair of pointed-toe heels to pull the look together.

Leather jacket trend for spring 2022

2. Motorcycle diaries

The next trend is motorcycle diaries, and it is all about leather - whether that is a feminine or masculine take on it.

Styling a KNWLS-inspired leather jacket look

My look is inspired by KNWLS' runway, where they paired a fitted leather jacket with a pair of flared pants. I went for a pair of semi-flared jeans.

I love the juxtaposition of something a bit formal and edgy, like my leather jacket, with something extremely casual, like my jeans.

The color of the jacket is so rich and beautiful; it just creates a very elegant but edgy look at the same time.

Drama at the back trend for spring-summer 2022

3. Drama at the back

The next trend is a little bit hard to wear daily, as it's all about the exaggerated detail of the back of your outfit.

How to make a fashion trend wearable

My look, inspired by Missoni, very much channels that beachy, blue-and-white vibe. Instead of purchasing something new that I know I will probably never wear after this season, I went with my beach cover-up.

If you have a long beach cover-up and some sort of tank top, you can very easily put this look together.

Simply button up just the top button of your cover-up, and this just creates that flow of the longline shape of your outerwear piece, and with a little bit of wind, you can very much see that drama at the back.

Spring/summer 2022 fashion color trends

4. Color me free

The next trend is all about bright, vibrant, sometimes even neon, colors to play around with color blocking. There are quite a few color combinations that are popping up on the fashion scene.

Bright colors and color-blocking for 2022

This catwalk look here is red, pink, and orange. I happened to have this beautiful color-blocked dress in similar tones. I paired it with some barely-there strappy sandals. I also love the dress's puff sleeves; they give off a powerful, boss-lady edge.

Spring/summer 2022 print trends

5. Between the lines

The next trend is all about stripes, especially non-traditional takes on stripes. I love the chaotic energy and boldness of pairing stripes with various things.

Paul-Smith-inspired stripy outfit

My outfit is inspired by the Paul Smith look here. Even though I don’t have a pajama-like striped two-piece set, I did go for a striped dress. Similar to the designer look, I also went for a fitted sweater vest. I love the unexpected pairing that these two pieces create.

White-on-white trend for spring-summer 2022

6. So fresh and so clean

This next trend is timeless. It’s all about white on white on white. You can play with different shades and tones of white.

White-on-white outfit for 2022

My outfit is inspired by this Cecilie Bahnsen look and I just love the whimsical quirkiness and girliness of this look.

I pulled out my favorite sheer puffed shirt, and I actually wore it underneath a white corset. This is such a great way to style a corset without being too over the top.

I have on a pair of really flowy linen pants on the bottom. On my feet are black shoes, and I love how they tie in with my hair color.

Spring-summer 2022 fashion trends

7. Up all night

This next trend is all about shiny things.

Recreating spring-summer 2022 fashion trends

My outfit here is inspired by this Halpern look. I love that on top of a pretty simple sequined jumpsuit, you have this really long, silky, almost scarf-like accessory tied across it.

That isn't very wearable, so I wore a silky scarf around my neck as the icing on the cake of the outfit.

"The New Sexy" fashion trend

8. The new sexy

The next trend is also a little bit hard to style. It’s all about sheer material and showing body parts that are a little bit unexpected.

Polka-dots and sheer fabric

To make this more wearable, I took a creative approach inspired by this catwalk look. I love the net detail and the ball-looking embellishment that creates a polka-dot effect.

Without showing every inch of my skin, I paired a pair of polka-dot pants with a sheer dotted top, and underneath I have a simple black bandeau. The bandeau actually makes the dotted design of my top show up more.

Y2K fashion trends

9. Millennium bug

The next trend is all about early 2000s fashion.

Y2K-inspired fashion outfit

This catwalk look inspired me to wear my scarf as a top and pair it with some low-rise pants. Wearing a scarf as a top is not a new trick in fashion, but I had never tried it before, and I really like the way it looks.

Tailored blazers for spring-summer 2022

10. Tinker tailor

This is essentially pairing blazers with something flowy and feminine at the bottom. I love the play with different silhouettes as well as the juxtaposition of feminine and masculine.

How to style spring-summer 2022 fashion trends

This designer look gave me a brand new outfit idea. I would never have thought to pair my yellow sweater with my floral patterned skirt, as well as my yellow satiny shoes and my pink blazer on top of it.

I think that this is a perfect look for the transitional spring weather. I love how feminine and powerful this outfit makes me feel.

Spring-summer 2022 fashion trends

Now you are all filled in with the spring-summer trends for 2022; just like I recreated runway looks with my own pieces, why not have a go at doing the same?

Let me know your favorite trend in the comments below.

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