What to Wear With Purple: 7 Color Combos & Styling Tips

I’m back with another how-to-style color tutorial, and here I’ll be showing you what to wear with purple. I’m specifically going to be looking at the lighter shades of purple as I personally find dark purple quite hard to style and think lighter shades look more flattering on me. If purple is a color that you get a bit stuck with when it comes to stying, keep reading.

Per my little tradition in these how-to-style color tutorials, I will first share with you what the color represents. So purple, or violet, represents imagination, spirituality, compassion, sensitivity, and mystery. Purple is commonly used to encourage creativity, inspire, combine wisdom and power and create an impression of luxury and intuition.

What to wear with purple

1. Purple-on-purple

Here I’m wearing purple on purple. I have on a mini-skirt, and a textured sweater that I can't resist stroking my hands through. This is more of a fashion take on how to wear purple and obviously, not everyone would feel comfortable wearing an outfit like this.

Colors to wear with purple

2. Purple with white

One color that purple obviously goes well with is white, like this white tank top. I know it’s kind of cheating just to say wear purple with white, but white goes with everything.

I think that purple with white helps to bring out the lighter shades of the color, so I wouldn’t necessarily wear white with a really deep purple, but it goes very cohesively with lilac. This skirt also has white in the design, so it looks very harmonious with the top.

Pastel purple and pink

3. Bubblegum pink

Another color that I think goes well with purple, but not many people would wear the two colors together, is bubblegum pink. Because both of these colors are pastel, they have a similar saturation and lightness, and they go really well.

All pastel colors obviously go well with each other, so you could also opt for any other pastel shade. 

Purple tie-dye set

4. Tie-dye

Here I have a tie-dye set which is my go-to for loungewear. I am not wearing the top inside out; it is actually designed this way. I really like the uniqueness of this set.

If you are someone who wants to try out purple but aren’t sure if this is the right color for you, go for something that is a little bit more muted and where the colors are blended together so that you can just dip your toes into the water.

Purple floral dress

5. Subtle hint

Another subtle way to do the color purple is to find floral prints that have purple in them. As you can see, this dress is mainly in a dusty rose-pink color, but there are parts of the pink that have a deeper mauve shade.

I feel like this is a cheat way of doing the color purple; you are still featuring the color, but you don’t have to be solely committed to it.

Plum-tone purple coat

6. Making a statement

If you want to make more of a statement, pop a purple coat on over the top. Here I’ve gone for a coat in a plum tone. There is nothing more statement than wearing purple as your outerwear piece.

The jewels on this coat complement the jewel tone, which is very on-trend for the fall/winter seasons.

Baby blue with purple

7. Baby blue

I didn’t think that a bright pastel baby blue would go with the pinks and purples of the dress, but these two pieces actually go really well together.

This is also a great transitional summer to fall outfit as you can wear the dress just as it is but then pop the cardigan on if it gets chilly. You can also wear tights underneath your dress.

The color combination is unexpected, but it brings a pop of freshness to a purple outfit. 

What to wear with purple

I hope you enjoyed this how-to-style purple guide. Go ahead and try out different color combinations in your wardrobe; you may not think that two colors go but then be surprised when you actually try them out.

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