6 Ways to Style a Sleek Black Party Dress

Marina Popovic
by Marina Popovic
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In this style guide, I will be styling a silky black dress for you.

I think that black party dresses are the perfect staple because there are an endless amount of ways that you can style them. Silk is an obvious choice with its luxurious texture and flattering finish.

Oversized blazer

1. Oversized blazer

In this look, I went for some brown knee-length boots for footwear that meet the end of the dress.

Over the top of the dress, I layered an oversized beige blazer. While the blazer has somewhat of a masculine appearance, I cinched it at the waist with a belt to define my figure and create an hourglass shape.

The result is a seamless balance of the dress's softness with the blazer's sharper lines. 

Fitted blazer

2. Fitted blazer

As someone who likes wearing everything black from head to toe, of course, I had to create a monochrome look.

Here, I’m wearing black suede boots and went for a structured blazer that I also cinched.

So you can see the difference between a structured and an oversized blazer - the latter is more fitted to the figure.

The overall look is a great example of how wearing all black doesn’t need to be boring.

While the color is the same throughout the look, the different materials create variety.


3. Sweater

For this look, I kept the same black boots and belt but I switched out the blazer for a basic knit sweater.

This cozy yet elegant look shows how a silk dress can double up as a skirt.

Alternating the ways in which you wear the dress will give you ultimate wearability.

Tweed blazer

4. Tweed blazer

In contrast to wearing boots, a pair of simple black heels bring a classy and ladylike aesthetic to the outfit.

Here, I went for a red tweed blazer, although instead of cinching the waist over the blazer. I am wearing the belt directly on top of the dress to show you that you also have the option to wear it like this.

I decided to pair the outfit with a red purse to bring out the red tone of the blazer.

Mint green

5. Mint green

Here, I went for something a bit experimental.

I started off with a pair of black tights and wanted to create the appearance of the dress being a little bit shorter, so I tucked it into my tights and placed a belt over my waist to keep everything in place.

Over the top of the dress, I popped on this really beautiful mint green sweater that conceals the belt.

To accessorize, I have a crossbody mint green bag in a darker yet complementary tone to the sweater.

Going for a pastel color is a great way to add a gentle touch of color to the outfit and mellow out the black. 

Checkered blazer

6. Checkered blazer

For the final look I’m still wearing the black tights, but I decided to go after these brown boots.

Again, I wanted to create the appearance that the dress was just a little bit shorter than it actually was, so I tucked it inside my tights. The belt on top means that the tucking isn’t so visible.

A checked blazer worn open finishes off the look. In this outfit, we have black, gray, and two shades of brown, yet it all looks harmonious as these are neutral colors, so they mix and match together very well.

How to style a black party dress

There we have six ways that you can style a black silk dress.

The main attraction of this piece, for me, is its versatility since you can wear it in so many different ways.

I challenge you to create six black silk dress outfits from your own wardrobe, and you might just surprise yourself with the elegant looks you manage to create! Let me know how you get on in the comments.

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