Learn How to Style a Summer Dress for Autumn With This Tutorial

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It can be hard to figure out how to transition a clothing item from one season to the next. Stylist Giedre Kavaliunaite, however, has found the perfect way to transition a pleated summer dress into eight different autumn looks. Check out this tutorial to see her many different styles and how they can be adapted to every wardrobe!

How to style fall dresses
Use a chunky knit

A chunky knit sweater in dark green is always a good move in the Autumn. Pairing the look with a plaid cap and a burgundy bag, Giedre is definitely ready for fall! 

Autumn dress style
Layer a button-down

By layering a summer dress with a button-down shirt underneath, Giedre manages to bring the dress straight into the autumn. A wide belt in a light tone paired with neutral-toned shoes really tie this look together. 

How to style dresses for autumn
Incorporate black

Sometimes the autumn brings with it rain, and Giedre has a solution for that as well. She recommends adding some touches of black to your autumn outfit. Rolling up the sleeves of her black blazer in order to show the sleeves of her white button-down shirt allows Giedre to keep a light feel to her outfit. 

Summer dress with autumn style
Maxi cardigan

A maxi length cardigan is a great transition piece for autumn. The long panels on the sides offer a flattering effect without creating additional bulk. A black belt and wide-brimmed hat, paired with black cowboy boots, has Giedre rocking a very cool vibe.

How to style summer dresses for autumn
High-slit knit

A long sweater with a high slit in the front makes it a perfect piece for layering. By pairing the sweater with the pleated look of the dress, Giedre achieves a really nice flow. Deep-toned accessories, like a plaid cap and black belt and bag, help to smoothly transition the dress to autumn. 

Autumn dress styles
Play with textures

With a see-through ribbed turtle neck in white and a beige blazer on top of that, Giedre achieves a unique style. The soft texture of the cupro blazer makes it a perfect transition piece. Neutral-tone boots and a black hat complete this look.

Styles for autumn
Layer a turtleneck

According to Giedre, no closet should be without a black turtleneck. For this look, she pairs her signature turtleneck with a pair of chunky black loafers and a cupro blazer for additional layering. By keeping the turtleneck’s hem aligned with the blazer’s mid-button and rolling up the sleeves a bit to show the different layers, Giedre’s outfit is proportionate and chic. Tying it all together is a black hat and matching black purse.

Summer dresses styled for autumn
Add combat boots

A black v-neck sweater is the perfect summer-to-fall transitional piece. The slits on the sides make it easy to layer it on top of this dress’s pleated bottom, and adding a belt retains waist definition. By adding a black cap and black combat boots, Giedre creates a slick cohesiveness to this fabulous outfit. 

Autumn styles

It’s amazing to see how Giedre manages to take a dress that is clearly made for the summer and make it work for fall in so many different ways. Each style is beautiful and unique and she is definitely ready to take on the season-change. Which was your favorite style? Tell us in the comments! 

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  • Bonnie Bonnie on Nov 09, 2020

    Definitely, our summers are so short in Canada so this opens up a whole new

    co-vid project and will also be fun. Thanks so much

  • TheSeamstress TheSeamstress on Nov 09, 2020

    Well I was just about to put all my summer dresses away but now I won't!