6 Fashion Mistakes That Are Super Easy to Avoid

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by Marina Popovic
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Hi everyone! In today’s tutorial, I want to share with you 6 fashion mistakes. Learn how to look better instantly by avoiding these style errors, though please note that you can take what you find helpful and leave what you don’t. Everyone has their own styles and opinions. Let’s get started!

Sweater dress and pumps

1. Sweater dress and pumps

So, the first mistake is one I’m seeing a lot now that it’s fall and a lot of us are starting to wear sweater dresses again. I also used to be guilty of this fashion mistake!

Pairing sweater dresses with pumps is far less flattering than pairing them with a pair of boots. Pumps are cute but, with a sweater dress, they just don’t fit right.

Knee-high boots look much more appropriate, unless your sweater dress is much longer than the one I’m wearing here. 

Skinny jeans with a skinny top

2. Skinny jeans with a skinny top

The second fashion mistake is styling skinny jeans with a skinny top.

Instead, you want to pair your skinny jeans with a top that is loose fitted. The contrast that this creates is much more flattering than skinny on skinny. 

Cropped sweaters with low-waisted pants

3. Cropped sweaters with low-waisted pants

If you’re younger, you may well like this look. Cropped sweaters are very trendy at the moment and look great with high-waisted pants.

However, wearing cropped sweaters with low-waisted pants is generally not a good look and is another fashion mistake to avoid. Plus, no one wants a cold stomach!

Not swapping out your dress' belt

4. Not swapping out your dress' belt

This next fashion mistake isn’t strictly a mistake, it’s more something that we can improve upon.

When you buy a dress that comes with a fabric belt that is the same color as the dress, I recommend taking out this belt and replacing it with a contrasting one.

This fashion hack is really easy and takes your look to the next level. I also added a trench coat to the look. 

Pairing a maxi dress with boots

5. Pairing a maxi dress with boots

Some people may like this look, but when wearing a dress that comes down below the knee, such as a maxi dress, I recommend wearing pumps instead of opting for ankle boots.

This is because, with a long dress, the ankle boots shorten your legs, whereas the pumps elongate your legs. 

Socks with loafers

6. Socks with sandals

Socks with sandals is a common and well-known fashion mistake to avoid. But it also applies to loafers and pumps. Some people may opt to do it as a statement but, generally, it’s not a good look!

Fashion mistakes to avoid

I hope you enjoyed reviewing these 6 fashion mistakes to avoid with me. Which was your favorite fashion hack tip? Let me know in the comments down below.

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