Hack for Summer Dresses and Bras

I love open back dresses especially in the summer BUT sometimes it is hard when your bra keeps showing. Sometimes bra tape works but if you have sensitive skin then the tape is probably not a good option to avoid irritating a sensitive area. That's why I am sharing this super easy bra style hack that can help. You don't need any tape or anything other than your dress and bra.

This is the reel I made for my Instagram. I share alot of hacks and style tips on my page.

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You see my bra showing? Yeah you shouldn't be able to...

Step one: pull the first piece through the top of your band

Step two: pull the second piece of string up through your band so that both strings cross

This is what it should look like now

TIP: be sure to adjust your straps before the next step and make sure no bra is showing before moving on.

Final step: tie a bow or knot

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