How to Style a Mini Dress 2 Ways: Dressed Up or Dressed Down

Welcome! Here I’m going to be showing you how to style a mini dress in two different ways. First, I’ll be giving you a dressed-up look, and then I have a dressed-down look. Styling one piece in different ways allows you to get the most fashion mileage out of your closet and see just how versatile your clothes can be.

How to style a mini dress

The dress I’ll be styling is this purple bodycon dress with a plunging neckline and an almost watercolour-like pattern. Let’s get started!

How to dress up a mini dress

How to dress up a mini dress

Dressing this dress up is not really that hard as it definitely lends itself to a dressier outfit. I’ve gone all-out glam with this white faux fur coat. I always feel super extra whenever I wear it.

For shoes, I’ve gone with cream and black sky-high wedges with diamond patterns on the heels. 

The pattern mix works because the pattern on the shoes is smaller than the pattern on the dress and is in complementary colors. Adding in another extra element, I’ve gone for my black glitter clutch. What does extra plus extra equal? This outfit apparently. 

Finally, I’ve gone for some pearl statement earrings to finish the look. This outfit is so dressed up now I’m not sure I’ll have an occasion to wear this in this day and age, but maybe I can get away with it anyway!

How to dress down a mini dress

How to dress down a mini dress

For my casual look, I’ve brought out my crisp white sneakers. Since the deep-cut neckline is part of what makes this dress look so dressy, I’ve layered a cropped white hoodie over the top to tone down the dress. It also makes it more modest.

For accessories, I’ve added a basic black cross-body bag and my silver hoop earrings. You could also add some sunnies and a cap for more casual street vibes.

I probably wouldn’t wear this look with my preschooler in tow, but perhaps for a solo trip to the mall on those rare occasions when I have some rest and relaxation time.

How to dress up or dress down a mini dress

There we have how to style one mini dress in two different ways for different occasions. The two outfits that I created look very different from one another, but I think that they are equally stylish.

If you’d like more style inspiration, check out how to style a bodycon midi dress.

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