How to Style a Slip Dress: 1 Black Slip Dress, 5 Cute Outfits

Natassia Coelho
by Natassia Coelho

I’m going to show you five ways how to style a slip dress. I love slip dresses because I believe they are very versatile and you can easily dress them up or down.

All the slip dress outfits I've styled below feature the same ASOS DESIGN scoop neck midi satin slip dress in black. I hope that you’ll be able to pick up some inspiration for how to wear a plain black satin slip dress.

How to style a black slip dress

1. Oversized sweatshirt

Here, I’ve styled the slip dress with a funky oversized sweatshirt and strappy heels.

I took an elastic hair tie, grabbed the extra fabric at the back, tied it into a knot, then tucked it under. This creates a cropped sweatshirt look. You have the flexibility to adjust the length of how much you want it to be cropped.

Styling a slip dress like Carrie Bradshaw

I got my inspiration for this look from And Just Like That. Carrie had this outfit where she wore a beautiful beaded slip dress that was styled with a graphic sweatshirt over it. I loved it so much; it was one of my favorite looks from this series.

I paired the outfit with heels, so it is a mix of casual but still dressy. I love this outfit, and there are so many ways you can style it with different prints and different colors.

What to wear over a slip dress

2. Boxy crop top

Here’s another easy look to put together. I’m wearing a plain, loose-fit, boxy cropped t-shirt, and I just layered it over my slip dress. Then, I threw on some sneakers to finish the look.

This look gives you a more casual outfit option. There are so many different ways to style this combination as well; you could go for a graphic tee or a patterned tee.

This is a great option too if you’re dipping your toes into crop tops and maybe you’re not comfortable showing so much skin; just layer it over a slip dress.

I love finding ways to pair casual pieces with dressier items so that you can get more everyday wear out of them.

How to wear a slip dress and look chic

3. Blazer

This is a more dressed-up but effortlessly chic option. I love oversized blazers. Here, I just threw this plain oversized blazer over my slip dress and then added on some flat loafers for comfort.

Since this is a very monochrome, all-black look, I added some pops of color through my shoes and my purse, which are in red.

If you’re wearing a colored slip dress, this outfit would also look fabulous with a printed blazer on top as well. Throw on some jewelry to accessorize, and you are ready to go.

What to wear under a slip dress

4. Printed turtleneck

This next look is not revolutionary; I’m sure you’ll have seen this before - layer a slip dress over a top. It’s usually done with a t-shirt but instead of a tee, I love layering them over turtlenecks instead because I’m obsessed with turtlenecks.

For more on my turtleneck obsession, you can see my previous tutorial on 30 cute turtleneck outfits.

I especially love layering a slip dress over printed tops. This one has a green floral print, but there are so many printed patterns that you could wear to switch up the look - stripes, polka dot, neon prints, the options are endless.

If you’re stying a printed slip dress then you could always opt for a solid-color turtleneck as well. I threw on some heels for a dressier look, but this would also look cute with sneakers.

Black slip dress outfit with a button-up shirt

5. Button-up shirt

This outfit gives me vacation vibes. Throw on an oversized or loose-fit button-up shirt on top. You can go for a long-sleeved button-up, but I recommend a short-sleeved one if it’s a little too hot.

I went for a funky printed shirt to add some color to the look, but again, there are so many different patterns and colors that you can wear with this outfit. 

How to style a slip dress with a shirt

You can wear it unbuttoned if you want a more shapeless fit, or you can tie the front of your shirt in a knot for a more fitted silhouette.

This is great if you want to give the illusion that your legs are longer. This outfit is such a fun, casual and funky way to style a slip dress for everyday wear.

How to style a slip dress

There we have five different ways that you can style slip dresses.

Remember to have fun with it as fashion is supposed to be fun. It’s a way to express yourself, so don’t think that there are strict rules that you have to follow.

Wear what makes you feel confident and happy.

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