How to Style a Wrap Dress in 14 Creative Ways

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Have you been wondering how to style a wrap dress? Today, I am styling a wrap dress in a whole bunch of different ways, through varying seasons, occasions, and scenarios.

I will be showing you 14 looks that you can create with just one dress. Let’s jump on in!

Easy weekend style

1. Easy weekend

The first outfit is a minimal look that is perfect for a warm weekend.

I’ve slipped on a pair of simple black sandals that tie in with the black in the dress and a pair of black shades.

A brown wood and leather bag brings some texture to the look as well as some subtle color.

Elevated minimal style

2. Elevated minimal

To transform the dress into an evening look, simply switch out the sandals for a pair of heels and add a sleek leather clutch bag.

Seasonal switch style

3. Seasonal switch

Now for a colder weather look. When it starts to get a little chilly, add on a layer in the form of a leather jacket.

A big beige scarf will keep you warm while adding a trendy touch, and a pair of beige lace-ups are a chic footwear option.

Espionage chic style

4. Espionage chic

For a bossy-lady look with MI5 vibes, throw on a trench coat complete with a big black belt.

You’d be pressed to find an outerwear option as elevated as this.

Texture & print combo

5. Texture & print combo

A white knitted sweater adds some nice texture to the outfit, which complements the print.

The delicate pattern of the sweater doesn’t compete for attention with the skirt and the result is a balanced look.

The white shoes here tie in with the sweater, and the pointed-toe style lengthens the legs.

Touch of edge style

6. Touch of edge

To give the dress a bit of attitude, accompany it with your favorite black jacket.

This one has a nice mix of textures with the body of the jacket made from wool and some leather detailing on the sleeves, which of course, ties in with the leather bag.

Quasi collegial style

7. Quasi collegial

To wear this dress to work, pop on a black vest over the top to add a more formal touch.

A belt helps to define the waist and create a visual break between the two pieces.

Color coordinated

8. Color coordinated

Just because the dress is black and cream, that doesn’t mean that the rest of the outfit has to be in neutral colors too.

Go for a splash of color with a bold red sweater, red heels, and a red bag to match.

At work style

9. At work

Here is another work look for you in the form of an elegant blazer.

Every woman needs a fitted blazer in her closet. A large Burberry printed bag (or similar!) is not only charming but is big enough to store all of your work items inside.

Boho inspired style

10. Boho inspired

For something a little more alternative, opt for a furry vest over the top of the dress for a trendy yet carefree vibe.

The two long vertical lines that the vest creates also help to elongate the figure. A pair of over-the-knee boots that meet the bottom of the dress creates gorgeous length proportions. 

Sleek & chic style

11. Sleek & chic

This next outfit is a great example of how you can wear a wrap dress as a top.

I’ve gone for a flattering pencil skirt to create a sleek and chic silhouette.

The deep-v neckline of the top is a really beautiful cut that balances out the straightness of the skirt. 

Ballerina inspired style

12. Ballerina inspired

Here is an example of how the wrap dress can be worn as a top with an A-line skirt as well.

I love how this tulle skirt adds a ton of volume to the look. The nude heels that blend in with my legs give the illusion of added height. 

Fall layers

13. Fall layers

For this next outfit, I’m wearing a black turtleneck underneath the wrap dress to show you that you can layer underneath the dress as well as on top of it.

I also have on a black leather jacket and a fur vest. Don’t be shy when it comes to layering up a look. In my opinion, the more, the merrier.

The variety of textures also adds some depth which is always a good thing.

14. As a cardigan

For the final look, I am not wearing the wrap dress as a dress but rather open as a cardigan.

I have a plain base of a pair of skinny jeans and a black turtleneck with the “cardigan” over the top.

The lighter shade of the cardigan against the base and the printed design make the outfit look incredibly well matched.

How to style a wrap dress

There we have fourteen different ways you can style a wrap dress. I hope this lookbook has inspired you.

Wearing one piece in multiple ways allows us to shop less and love what we already have in our closers more.

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