How to Style Green

In this style guide, I'm going to show you how you can style 50 shades of green. Well, maybe not 50, but a good handful! I'm definitely not a color expert, but hopefully, this tutorial will give you some inspiration on how to style the color.

Styling green

The first thing you need to know is that different shades of green go with different skin tone types. No matter what skin tone you have, there is a right shade of green that works for you. 

Style green clothes

If you're curious about what the color represents, I found that it represents calmness, balance, growth, vitality, reliability, practicality, loyalty, adaptability, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, environment, finance, ambition, and endurance. Hopefully, green will remind you of all of these great qualities next time you wear it! Let's get into styling some different shades.

Style green clothing


Here I'm wearing an olive green shirt dress. I love the dress but I would say this olive green does not work well for people with yellow undertones like I do. I think that it just brings out the yellowness of my skin tone, but if you have a darker skin tone or a more fair skin tone, this color could work really well on you. In general, though, I would say that green is a very forgiving color.

Styling green clothes


In this look, I'm wearing a bright lime green tank top. This color is to die for. Green goes well with pink, so I'm wearing the top here with a pair of pale candyfloss pink shorts. The vibrancy of the green contrasts really well with the soft, gentle tone of the pink.

Styling green clothing


There are a few colors that green always goes really well with. The first are camel or beige colors, basically any sort of light neutral color. Here I'm wearing a white frilly vest with a cute print on it in forest green, and the color works well with these pants. You could also wear this vest with something white. Anything goes with white, and green with white will give you a very clean look.

How to style green


This might be a bit surprising, but I actually like green and red together. (Not the Christmas shades of green and red - I will save those for the holiday season!) Here I've paired a rather bright red with an oversized mint green blazer, and the two colors harmonize very well.

How to style green clothes


Yellow looks cool when paired with green in a sort of tropical print like this. The artichoke green and pastel yellow create a really nice color combo that gives me summer vibes.

How to style green clothing


Another foolproof green outfit is a green workout outfit. You can really experiment with the brightest, craziest colors in your workout gear, so throw on a pair of neon green shorts and get jogging!


If you're adventurous, you could always wear green-on-green and create a monochrome outfit. The easiest way to do that is to wear similar shades of green but in different tones like I am here. I like how both the top and the skirt I'm wearing have a wraparound effect, creating an asymmetrical look.


This tea green dress is a bit more of a muted version of the color. It looks great to pair a green blazer with a green dress like this. I think that this is a pretty seamless look; there is an excellent balance between the formality of your blazer and the casualness of the dress.

Those are just some of the shades of green out there; there are so many more. So don’t just think “green is green” - there are really a multitude of different greens. The key to creating stylish outfits is to be mindful of what colors, shades, and saturation levels you are putting together. Be deliberate in your style choices and see what green outfits you can create!

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