11-Piece Summer Capsule Wardrobe For 2022, Plus 20 Outfit Ideas

Lena Davydova
by Lena Davydova

In this style guide, I’m going to be showing you my summer capsule wardrobe for 2022. I have included a lot of pinks and girly colors but with a lot of masculine, oversized elements as well. First, I will talk you through each item, and then I will show you the different ways I like to style them.

Black midi dress with a cutout

1. Black dress

The first piece I included is a simple black midi bodycon dress. It has an interesting cut-out at the front. With a dress like this, you can go for a more minimalistic look or add a pop of color with your footwear, jewelry, or accessories. You can also wear the dress as it is or add something oversized on top of it, such as a sweater or a blazer so that it will appear more like a skirt. I think that a simple black dress like this is a good piece to build your summer capsule wardrobe around.

Bright orange halter top

2. Orange top

The next piece I have is this orange halterneck top with striped detail. I have included some pink pieces in my capsule wardrobe, and I really like pink and orange together.

One-shoulder black top

3. Black top

I also have this black one-shoulder top, and a great thing about it is that it has a built-in bra which is always great for summer tops.

Pink wide-leg Jeans

4. Pink jeans

For the bottoms, I have this pair of pink jeans with a gorgeous wide-leg fit.

Cream pants

5. Cream pants

I also have these classic pleated pants in cream.

Hot pink blazer

6. Pink blazer

This pink blazer is quite oversized and more of a masculine fit. I love the bubblegum pink shade and how it combines with all of the other items in this capsule.

White and pink blazers

7. White blazer

The white blazer is slightly more classy. I know that including two blazers in a summer capsule isn’t an obvious choice, but they are pieces that are true to my personal style, and I know that I will get a lot of wear out of them.

See my previous tutorial for how to style an oversized blazer for summer.

Black and white purses

8. Bags

Now let’s talk about accessories. I have two bags here, and the fact that they are in white and black means they will seamlessly go with all my outfits.

Flat black sandals

9. Sandals

If you could only wear one pair of sandals for the summer, I would go with something like these. They are nice and simple, and I like the chunky sole.

Textured green shoes with a square heel

10. Green heels

For heels, I have these fuzzy, fabric green pair in green with a nice square toe and square heel. I love wearing colorful shoes in summer because you can add them to a super simple black and white outfit, and they will instantly liven up the look.

Black sandals with a low heel

11. Black heels

The last piece in this capsule is these super simple black sandals; they are my go-to comfy sandals if I want to wear heels but still want to be comfortable.

Summer capsule wardrobe outfits

Now that I’ve shown you all the pieces I have in my capsule wardrobe, I want to show you twenty different ways I can style them.

Summer capsule wardrobe 2022

I love how the green shoes add a pop of color to the black monochrome look in outfit 1. The two shades of pink look very complementary with one another in outfit 2. And in outfit 3, I’ve styled the dress on top of a pair of pants for an unexpected yet stylish look.

Different ways to style a summer capsule wardrobe

Here are three ways that I can style the bright orange top. It obviously pairs very harmoniously with cream and white, and the pink jeans create a colorful look while, at the same time, the pastel shade helps to soften the boldness of the top.

Styling a capsule wardrobe for summer

Check out those green sandals laced on top of the cream pants; this is a super trendy look. 

Pink outfits for the summer

In outfit 11, I’ve styled the blazer by wrapping one side on top of the other and tucking it in. This gives it the appearance of a top which is a great way to create another look out of the piece. 

How to build a summer capsule wardrobe

Outfit 15 is all about color, and didn’t I tell you that I loved the orange and pink color combination! For me, the two colors together give off fun, feminine, and tropical vibes, which are perfect for summer.

Black, white, and pink outfits for summer

Black with white or cream is a classic combination that you can’t go wrong with; add in a pop of pink for some more dimension. 

Colorful summer capsule wardrobe

If you thought that you couldn’t style white with cream, just take a look at outfit 19. These two colors do go and look very harmonious together.

Summer capsule wardrobe 2022

There we have it. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the different items in my summer capsule wardrobe, as well as 20 ways to style them. I also hope you’ve been able to pick up some inspiration for putting your own capsule wardrobe together. Don’t be afraid to play with colors; bright colors matched with neutrals can look stylish and visually balanced.

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