7 Different Ways to Style Sweater Dress Outfits for Cold Weather

Want to style a sweater dress but not sure how? This is your sweater dress outfit lookbook. I’m going to show you that there are many different ways you can style a sweater dress, so you don’t have to stick to just one outfit formula.

Casual sweater dress style ideas

1. Formal casual mix

In this first outfit, I’m mixing together formal and casual elements. The sophistication of the knit dress, here functioning as a skirt, and the high heels are juxtaposed with a laid-back hoodie.

This combination of different vibes creates a modern and trendy look.

Cute sweater dress outfit with tights

2. Matched length

Here, I have layered a long cardigan over the knit dress, which falls to the same length as the dress. The matching lengths of these two pieces make for a complementary look.

The cardigan is also in a very similar, slightly darker tone to the dress, so looks very harmonious as a second layer.

I’ve added in some fishnet tights for a bit of a sassy edge and finished the outfit off with a pair of black heels.

Layered sweater dress outfit

3. Layer up

In this outfit, I’ve layered up by adding an open shirt dress over the sweater dress.

The different textures of the two pieces make for a nice contrast, and the two work well together as the shirt dress features some brown in its plaid print.

To accessorize, I’ve thrown on a wide brim hat in the same burgundy shade and a big printed scarf to add some more character. 

How to accessorize a sweater dress

You can play around and switch out the scarf for a different one; here, I’ve gone for one in more of a poncho-style. 

Wearing a sweater dress as a skirt

4. Belted waist

Next up, I’ve contrasted the solid color of the knit dress, functioning as a skirt again, with a sweater that has some colorful prints on it.

To add more definition to the look, I’ve belted the waist to accentuate my waistline. A pair of black boots tie in with the belt and completes the look.

Different ways to style a sweater dress

If it gets a little warmer, simply tie the sweater around your neck to create a scarf aesthetic. 

Simple sweater dress outfit ideas

5. Sweater change

Here, I’ve replicated the previous look but have switched up the sweater for something else. This sweater is slightly bigger and more loose-fitting, so the belt again adds some structure to the look.

Sweater dress outfit ideas for cold weather

When it’s colder, simply throw on a coat on top. This one is black on the outside, which goes with the dark colors of the outfit, but you can see a cheeky flash of orange from the lining.

Styling sweater dress outfits

6. Street style

Here, I’ve matched the sweater dress with a coat in a similar color to the khaki v-neckline.

It’s great to pull out colors from your main piece and feature those colors elsewhere in the look. I’m also wearing some high socks in a khaki shade to again bring in that color.

To accessorize, I have a wide scarf; the spotty pattern of the scarf ties in with the animal print lining of the coat.

Sweater dress outfit with a blazer

7. Simple blazer

Last up, I'm keeping it simple with a blazer layered over the sweater dress. A blazer is an effortless addition that instantly dresses a piece up and adds some formality.

Finishing this look off are some long socks in a similar but lighter tone to the dress and some black heels.

Sweater dress outfits

There we have a whole bunch of different ways that you can style a sweater dress. This piece gives you the option to either wear it as a dress or layer something on the top, and it will act as a skirt.

Whether you want to dress your sweater dress up or down, there is a way of styling it to create the vibe you’re after. 

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