The Truth About Outfit Repeating

Ms. Melior
by Ms. Melior

The is a subject I feel very passionate about, but doesn't get spoken on too often.

In my own life, I know that most of my female cousins and friends around my age have this false belief that outfit repeating is a sin.

But why is this idea so prominent? Why is it bad? And how can we change the narrative?

Tell me, have you ever thought, "I can't wear that, I wore it last week!" ?

Here is the truth about outfit repeating...

This is a dress I wore to a friend's Sweet 16 party in 2013.

And here is the same dress I wore recently (February 2021) to a wedding.

This is my go-to dress for formal occasions because it's made with high-quality stitching and material (which is how it's lasted all these years). It's also nude, so it goes with everything.

Nobody notices when I wear the same thing over and over.

Of course, I get compliments on the look. But nobody takes so much notice that they realize I've already worn it.

And those who do notice, don't care!

This is the first thing to understand if you're to break the stigma of outfit repeating.

Even a look like this one I wore in 2019... it is incredibly memorable because of how glittery and unique it is.

So when I wore it again to a brunch last weekend, people noticed! But they love the look, so they don't want me to STOP wearing it because I have already.

We all have washing machines... and we use them... so of course we're going to rewear our clothes.

Breaking the stigma of repeating looks will benefit the planet immensely. Women won't feel like they need a new piece for every event or a new wardrobe for every vacation. Consumption would slow, production would slow, and textile waste would decrease.

And that is the key take-away.

So don't feel insecure or nervous about wearing a great outfit more than once, or twice, or ten times!! Own it.


Ms. Melior

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  • Tonia Bacon Tonia Bacon on Jun 07, 2021

    I agree, I love rewearing my favorite clothing. With 6 kids, and coming from a large family, I actually had no choice. But I also found that by changing up accessories, it makes it a different look anyway. I also enjoy no sew and simple sew up cycling of my clothing; even with pictures it is sometimes hard to identify it as the same dress. With simple lines and fairly neutral colors, I am sure they just that if they think anything about it, it's that I keep to my favorite neutrals.

  • Moma Margie Moma Margie on Jun 09, 2023

    If i like it i re wear it. Sometimes a few yrs go by. Great if you havent outgrown it.