Why You Should Do a 60th Birthday Photoshoot

by Fashiontandf

Reasons Why You Should Take Pictures at Any Age

Those of you that have been following me on Instagram and Facebook know that I turned 60 on July 4th. I proceeded to spend most of my summer celebrating with all of my family and friends. I kicked off my season of celebrating with a photoshoot! Have you ever considered or taken pictures to celebrate your birthday/s besides when you were a kid? If you haven’t, I’m going to share my reasons why you should just DO IT!

I’m not quite sure when I realized that I wanted to take birthday pictures to celebrate turning 60. It’s not something I’ve ever done in the past or really even considered although you know that I take lots and lots of pictures of myself daily for my social media platforms and blogs, which took a lot of getting used to doing. When I started seriously thinking about pursuing this idea, initially I second guessed whether or not this was a good idea, a silly idea, a ridiculous idea but I kept coming back to the fact that for whatever reason I really wanted to commemorate this birthday. Once I embraced the idea of moving forward with my vision, I had all kinds of fun planning, pulling together my outfits; and the actual photoshoot was pure JOY!

Who knew that throwing around gobs of confetti could be such utter FUN!

Thoughts on Turning 60

Do you ever wonder why we typically only celebrate by taking pictures our youth and not our later years? Every year since my granddaughter was two (she’s turning 12 this December) my husband and I take her to get her Christmas and birthday pictures taken. Now that she’s getting older I ask her if she still wants to go. So far the answer has been yes, which makes me so happy! At what age do we quit embracing our age? I’m proposing we shouldn’t!

Have you ever looked back on pictures of yourself from years gone by and thought: “Hey! I didn’t look that bad!” Although at the time, you might have thought otherwise. I know that I’ve done that. Being critical about how you currently look is probably natural for all of us no matter our age; but why let that stop us from celebrating who and how we are in the moment especially since changes are great it won’t be getting better although I’m sure trying! LOL

Embrace your beautiful self in the here and now! We are not guaranteed tomorrow. Each day is a beautiful gift so why not celebrate?!

There was a brief moment where I thought about what others might think about my decision to take pictures celebrating turning 60. But those thoughts were BRIEF and fleeting! That’s the beauty of embracing your wisdom, feeling confident and doing things that bring you joy (not at anyone else’s expense!). Being worried or influenced by other’s thoughts or opinions is not in my repertoire! It shouldn’t be in yours either! If you need a pep talk, please reach out and I’ll be your cheerleader!

Age is mindset! If you feel old, act old, dress old, think old…yep, you’re OLD! 60 is a number not a state of mind. I’d recommend not letting any age dictate what you can and can’t do or how you should act, dress, think, feel!

Not everyone gets the gift of age! I know first hand as my dad passed away at the age of 42 from diabetes the day before my 18th birthday. Therefore, I might have been influenced to view each new decade as a gift to be embraced not dreaded. I get more opportunities to do amazing things, have fun, go on new adventures, hang out with those I love and this list could go on an on!

If you’ve been hanging around FTF for some time, you know my mantra: You’re never too old! It’s never too late! Would you agree?

Tips for a Successful Photoshoot

Once I made my decision to move forward with pictures, I searched for others who had taken birthday pictures. It was easy to find those turning 16, 21, 30….very few pictures of women embracing midlife! I didn’t let that deter me! Whenever I’d find pictures of what I liked, I saved them. As a result it also helped me decide that I wanted pictures taken in a studio. I reached out to several friends who I knew had recently done pictures with photographers most of which were taken outside. A teacher friend had posted some pictures that had been taken inside so I reached out to her. That is how I found my photographer and put the plans in motion.

The planning process was half the fun for me! Here are the steps I’d recommend so that you get the results you desire and so that the actual day of the photoshoot goes smoothly.

1. Determine the vision you have for the photoshoot and what kinds of pictures you’d like as it will determine the setting, location and potential photographer. Of course it’s important to discuss this with the photographer to ensure he/she is able to provide what you’re looking for and hoping for the end resultDetermine the vision you have for the photoshoot and what kinds of pictures you’d like as it will determine the setting, location and potential photographer. Of course it’s important to discuss this with the photographer to ensure he/she is able to provide what you’re looking for and hoping for the end result!

2. Share your vision with the photographer to ensure what you’d like can actually happen. I sent several emails sharing picture ideas that I would like duplicated or replicated as best as possible.

3. Since my birthday is on July 4th, I knew that I wanted a series of fun, fancy ( sequin top, tulle skirt, feathers, tiara, champagne, etc.) pictures, but also some celebrating the fact that I’m born on the 4th. I’ve always loved my birthday so why not incorporate that it’s also a special day that the whole country celebrates. That drove my decisions on what I wanted to wear. My whole fancy look was easy to pull together out of my closet. I purchased my Vintage 1961 T-Shirt, which I easily changed into from my sequin top. My born on July 4th look caused me to purchase a t-shirt and the jean shorts covered in stars, tennis shoes with stars, etc. All of which I’ve worn again and will continue to wear. Once I had my outfits decided, I created flat lays and sent pictures to my photographer.

4. Plan for how you’d like your makeup and hair to be done for the photoshoot. This was relatively easy for me since I have a pixie. I wanted to look like I typically do on any given day; but you might want to consider if you’d like a special hair style or special makeup.

5. Depending on what you’re wearing you’ll also want to consider a manicure and a pedicure. You know I like mine to match. This was a bit of a challenge since my red, white and blue July 4th look didn’t really match my hot pink and silver glitter nails but I was wearing tennis shoes and my hands are not that noticeable. Details are always important to me even if others don’t really notice them. I always do!

6. Consider what kinds of props you’ll want if any. I had quit a few from the balloons, to the cake, to the confetti. Pre plan for all of this with your photographer. Arrange who is responsible for bringing each item, cost, etc. I was fortunate in that my photographer and his assistant (my teacher friend) took care of many of the details for me; and I reimbursed them. I had a picture of the cake that I wanted and went to many bakeries trying to duplicate what I wanted. I was quoted $100 from a bakery but just couldn’t bring myself to spend that on a cake I wasn’t going to eat and was only going to be used in a couple of pictures. I landed on the bakery at the local grocery store. They got close to what I wanted and the cost was $17. Additionally, I had all of my 60s props – tiara, glasses, rhinestone 60 for the cake. I brought flags, purse, glasses for my red, white and blue pictures. These are the kinds of small details to decide in advance.

7. You might consider bringing a friend. I knew that my friend Rachael would be my girl that I needed looking over me with a critical eye. She fluffed my tulle skirt, made sure I was tucked in, suggested poses (I’m never good at knowing what to do with my body or how to pose), asked me if I felt comfortable putting my hands and body a certain way that would photograph better. I was so appreciative to have her plus she put me at ease. While I was super excited for this day, I was also a little nervous. Probably more excited nerves than anything else. Both Rachael and Christian put me right at ease. They even had music playing and asked what kind of music I’d like to listen to while taking the pictures.

8. Most importantly have FUN! We spent a good two and a half hours taking pictures. I’m sure they spent that kind of time with me because of our friendship but I truly enjoyed the whole experience! They made me feel like a rock star; and in the end, I think we all deserve to feel amazing, like a rock star and extra special because we all are exactly that!

Every birthday is special but when you reach a milestone like your 60th birthday you have even more reason to celebrate! My recommendation: TAKE THE PICTURES!

Cheers to Celebrating Any and Every Age!


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Have I convinced you that you’re worthy of taking pictures and celebrating your birthday no matter your age? Have I convinced you that getting older is a gift always worthy of celebrating? I sure hope so on both accounts! Leave us a comment! We love to hear from you!

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  • Jodie Filogomo Jodie Filogomo on Feb 08, 2022

    I love this idea Julie!! I'll probably do it too!




  • Fashiontandf Fashiontandf on Feb 08, 2022

    Hi Jodie! You should totally do it for any birthday! I’m so happy I did it for my 60th! Live life with no regrets!!

    Julie xo