6 Brown Jeans Outfit Ideas

Yulia Astrea
by Yulia Astrea
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Brown jeans are a great addition to any closet as they are neutral and versatile. If you’re looking for brown jeans outfits, you’ve come to the right place. Follow along to see how I styled mine.

There’s nothing wrong with styling your brown jeans with a simple, white t-shirt, if that’s your thing.

But it can start to feel old quickly, so here are some other ideas:

1. Graphic T

My first suggestion is to choose a graphic T to elevate the basic look just a bit.

Graphic T

You can’t go wrong with a t-shirt in any neutral color. Here I’ve done the half tuck in front. 

Graphic T

In this option, the brown from the patterned t-shirt mirrors the brown from the jeans. This is true for animal print as well. 

Graphic T

You can also throw on a colored cardigan on top to jazz it up a bit more. 

Graphic T

2. Blue denim on brown

Just because you’re wearing brown jeans, it doesn’t mean that you have to stay away from regular denim on top. It’s a comfortable, cozy vibe.

Blue denim on brown

3. Turtleneck

Pair your favorite turtleneck with your brown jeans outfit for colder weather.

I’m going with a neutral gray. Try it tucked in or untucked, in any color that you like to wear. 


4. Warm tones

If you want to step out of the neutral territory, I suggest going for warm tones that will match well with the brown. Try red, yellow, burgundy, tan etc. 

Warm tones

5. The oversized sweater

When it comes to matching sweaters with my jeans, I tend to prefer the oversized, cozy variety.

This sweater that I’ve chosen has a lot of brown in it but it’s not a solid brown, so it matches well. 

The oversized sweater

Here’s another fun, sweater option with the warm tone coming in through the fox pattern. I love the fall vibes too. 

The oversized sweater

6. Wild card

Feel like stepping outside of your comfort zone? Try a monotone look! 

Monotone look

This short-sleeved button up shirt is a similar darkness to the chocolate brown jeans but with yellow undertones. It still offers a monotone effect.

Try buttoning all the way up and tucking it in for a sophisticated look. 

If it’s too monotonous for you, add a lighter shade using a sweater vest. I love the layered patterns here as well. 

Sweater vest

Brown jeans outfits

Now that you’ve seen how to style brown jeans, let’s see your own brown jeans outfits in the comments below. Your ideas can inspire more readers as well!

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