Fashion Hacking Part 1: 10 Helpful 1-Minute Fashion Hacks

Kerina Wang
by Kerina Wang
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Today, I will be doing a fashion hacks tutorial for you guys: how to tuck your sweaters in, make sure your thigh-highs don't slip down, and make sure your mini skirt doesn't ride up.

I'll share 10 fashion hacks using easy things you can find in your house to help you step up your fashion game. So let the fashion hacking commence!

Tools and materials:

  • Stockings/leggings
  • Straws
  • Double-sided tape
  • Elastic band
  • Stick-on bra
  • Biker shorts
Bulky sweater lumps under skirts

1. Fix bulky sweater lumps

Do you love to tuck your sweaters into your skirts? If your sweater is too bulky, it creates a weird look around your midriff, which is not attractive.

To prevent that, all you need to do is grab a high-waisted pair of stockings, leggings, or pantyhose. I recommend going for ones with a control top because they tend to be tighter around your waist. 

Tucking a sweater into tights

Pull your stockings up to your waist, and instead of tucking your sweater inside your skirt, tuck your sweater into your tights instead. The tights compress your sweater. You just need to ensure that it's evenly distributed under your tights, and there you have it. 

How to tuck a sweater into a skirt

Now when you put on your skirt, you no longer have that weird-looking bulge.

Wearing tights under a bodycon dress

Tip: Tights also add another friction layer between your bodycon dresses and your legs, so your dresses don’t ride up as much. 

How to keep necklaces detangled while traveling

2. No-tangle necklace

When you travel with jewelry, do you find your necklaces get all tangled? One way to prevent that is by using straws. Unclasp your jewelry, stick one end into the straw, and reclasp it at the end.

Pairing gold jewelry with other gold details

3. Pair gold jewelry with other gold accessories

I like to style my gold jewelry pieces with other gold accent accessories. One example of this is boots with a gold buckle or a belt with gold detail. Coordinating your outfit like this will pull your whole look together.

Fashion hack for jeans that are too big

4. Jeans too big?

To make jeans fit better, take the button in the middle and loop it to one of the side belt loops. 

How to fix too-big jeans

After you loop it in there, close the buttonhole and there you have it. You can either just wear it out like that, or you can wear a belt over it to cover it up.

Using double-sided tape on mini skirts

5. Double-sided tape

Do your mini skirts or bodycon skirts ride up as you walk? The solution is double-sided tape. Here, I'm using one specifically created for fabrics. Place the double-sided tape between the inner lining of the skirt and your thighs. 

How to stop thigh-high boots falling down

You can also use this hack for your over-the-knee boots to stop them from falling down as you walk. To keep them up, just place one strip along the side of your leg. If you want a stronger hold, you can place it all around your thigh area. 

Applying double-sided tape to long socks

In case you don't have this tape or you don't want to stick tape on your skin, use a thick barrier material instead. I'm using over-the-knee socks. Put the socks on and then put the tape on the socks. 

How to get a cropped sweater look

6. Cropped sweater

The next hack is how to make it look like you have a cropped sweater. All you need to do is tuck the bottom of your sweater under your bra. You can do it to the front, or you can do it all the way around. It's a really simple way to have a cropped sweater without cutting it.

How to prevent a hanging belt end

7. Belt control

I don't know about you, but I've always had the problem where I put on my jeans, and I put a belt around it, but the belt is way too long to be tucked into one of the belt loops, and the belt itself doesn't have a loop where I need it to be. When that happens, I use an elastic band. 

Using a clear elastic on a belt

I’m using a clear elastic that will be undetectable. Just loop it onto your belt, and then when you put the belt on, you can position your elastic to be exactly where you want the end of the belt to loop into.

Fashion hack for belts

With this hack, you don't have to rely on your jeans having a belt loop in the exact right place.

Stick-on invisible bra fashion hack

8. Invisible bra

I don’t want to have my bra strap showing when I'm wearing a top with spaghetti straps, so I like to wear stick-on bras. They come in a lot of different forms; there are non-silicone ones or silicone ones for those of you who like a more natural feel.

I like ones that have ties in the middle where you can adjust them and cinch the bra in to create that cleavage you want.

Wearing biker shorts under a flare skirt

9. Biker shorts

Say you have a flared skirt that you like to wear all the time, but it's too short, and you don’t want to flash everyone. 

How to prevent flashing under a skirt

I like to wear biker shorts under my flare skirts to make sure that when the wind does pick it up, it's not revealing anything. Biker shorts are super breathable, so you don't feel like you're suffocating down there, especially in the summer.

How to turn socks into no-show socks

10. Invisible socks

The last hack is how to turn your regular crew socks into no-show socks. Flip your socks down the heel and past your toe and then loop them back up your heel (watch the video at 6:51 to see this in action). This way, you create a great no-show sock that you can just slip into any sneakers or flats. 

Fashioning hacking tutorial

There we have 10 quick and helpful fashion hacks! No more struggling with clothes or problematic situations! Follow these hacks, and you will save yourself a lot of difficulties. Check out my Part 2 fashion hacks tutorial for more ideas or let me know your favorite hack in the comments below!

Suggested materials:
  • Stockings/leggings
  • Straws
  • Double-sided tape
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  • Leslie Leslie on Sep 13, 2022

    Hi Kerina, great ideas for solving fashion problems. Thank you for sharing. I have one thing for you to look at objectively and know that I am not trying to make you feel badly or be mean. So, to be blunt, those particular short shorts / Daisy Dukes need to go. If you objectively look at the pictures they are not flattering, especially in the crotch area. The area is darker than the rest of the material and I hate to say what it looks like. Think Billy goats chin. No other way to express it well. ♥️