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Bisa Styles
by Bisa Styles

So many women feel like they don’t have the right body type to wear mom jeans. This is so not true! Everyone can rock mom jeans! You just have to buy the right pair of mom jeans for your body type and style them to make you look and feel amazing! In this tutorial, I am going to show you some different ways to style mom jeans.

Mom jeans style

Wear a black bodysuit 

In this first outfit, I decided to wear my mom jeans with a black, long sleeve bodysuit. The bodysuit has a small turtle neck that, I think, adds a lot of style to this outfit. I added a pair of gorgeous, gold hoop earrings 

Add color

Add a blazer 

The white sneakers in this look created a more casual style so I added a black blazer that really pulls the look together. The red bag I chose to add, definitely gives a pop of color to the whole outfit. 

Wear heels

Add heels 

To make this look a lot more classy and sophisticated, I switched out my white sneakers for a pair of transparent heels. 

Wear white

Wear a white bodysuit 

In this next look, I wore the denim mom jeans with a white, V-neck bodysuit. 

Styling mom jeans

Add a black blazer

A black pair of heels and a black blazer looks so gorgeous with this outfit! This is such a versatile look! You can wear it at the office or on a night out. I stuck with the gold hoops in this look as well. This outfit is subtle and elegant! 

Pair with a brown bag

Wear a crop top

These mom jeans also look perfect with this brown crop top. I chose to pair the look with a brown bag that totally matches the tone of the crop top. 


Add a black blazer

Of course, I couldn't help but add my black blazer. It really finishes the look! 

What to wear with mom jeans

Wear a t-shirt 

In this look, I paired my mom jeans with a customized T-shirt. I tied the T-shirt into a knot to add a little bit of style to this outfit. I decided that my black sandals worked perfectly with the outfit.

Wear a brown blazer

Add a brown blazer

This time I decided to add a brown blazer to the look and I must say, it completed this outfit. The brown tone also complements the gold jewelry. 

Wear red

Wear a red bodysuit 

This next look sees me pair the mom jeans with a red bodysuit. I love the contrast between the blue jeans and the red top. 

Mom jeans styling

Add a black blazer

I added a black blazer to this look and I must say, it worked perfectly. The blazer makes this outfit a lot more elegant! 

Wear a tee

Wear a white tee

In this outfit, I am rocking my mom jeans with this white, customized T-shirt. This is more of a casual look, perfect for going out in the day or running errands. 

Layer over the tee

Add a blazer

Layering a tee and mom jeans with any blazer is a great way to pull the whole look together and make it seem more intentional. 

Easy mom jeans style

Wear a navy blue turtleneck

I paired my mom jeans with this navy blue, turtleneck bodysuit. I love the blue tones together but I, of course, added the black blazer to take this turtleneck, mom jeans combo to the next level. It’s so easy to rock a pair of mom jeans! Which outfit is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! 

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