16 Skinny Jeans Outfits for Women

Not sure what to wear with your skinny blue jeans? Jeans are possibly the most versatile item of clothing out there. I’m going to show you 16 ways that you can style them so you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Skinny jeans style

Look 1

Wondering what to wear with skinnies? Why not have fun and pair prints together? Style your skinny jeans with a flannel shirt and combat boots. Layer with a red shirt dress and a poncho. Then you’ll be rocking two different prints.

Skinny jean style

Look 2

Team a plaid flannel shirt with skinny jeans, then you have the perfect weekend look. Add an orange inner down jacket to take your look from being boring to daring.

Style skinny jeans

Look 3

Start with a black and white striped sweater. Add blue skinnies and a red inner blazer to keep it all elevated. Turn up the sleeves of the blazer to look smart but still contemporary.

Styling skinny jeans

Look 4

The same as look 3, simply with a variation in outers which switches the outfit from work to weekend. Partner a denim shirt dress with skinny jeans for a casual vibe. Wear a shirt dress all the way open like a long jacket to create a layered look. Make a splash with a red scarf (or go with a black scarf if you’d prefer to be a bit more low-key).

Easy skinny jeans style

Look 5

Wear a denim skirt with skinny jeans. Add in a black belt and over-the-knee boots. To break up the denim-on-denim look. Layer up a black and white striped sweater and a long black coat for the cold days. 

Style skinny leg jeans

Look 6

Just switch up outfit 5 with a black puffer to lend a unique ensemble. The black puffer jacket goes well with the black OTK boots and makes it all fit together.

Blue skinny jeans style

Look 7

Black is a common color in minimalism, so start off with a black turtleneck, a black coat, then add sunglasses to the equation.

How to wear skinny jeans

Look 8

For a black and white look, wear a black turtleneck under a white shirt. Then add a gray blazer. Tuck in part of the bottom of the shirt to get an interesting layered look.

How to wear denim

Look 9

Give the skinny jeans outfit a cool-girl spin by pairing them with a white teddy jacket and black sunglasses.

How to style denim

Look 10

Neutrals always look good together. Style a beige turtleneck with blue skinnies and OTK boots. Then add a brown cardigan to piece a soft neutral outfit.

Skinny jeans fashion

Look 11

Change up a slim-fit blazer to make you look sharp and smart. The plaid scarf pairs seamlessly with the blazer and makes two disparate patterns work within one outfit.

Skinny jeans outfits

Look 12

Neutral colors range from beige, black, white, gray, and all of the colors in between. Throw on any of these items in any combo with sweaters, jeans, and combat boots, and you look put together. Give a new life to your old skinny jeans by adding a pop of color scarf.

What to wear with jeans

Look 13

Complete a monochromatic look with a pastel blue coat. 

Skinny jeans lookbook

Look 14

Wear your parka for a casual feel. Embellish it with a blue scarf which makes the outfit modern, fresh, and trendy.

Blue denim jeans style

Look 15

Go tonal and make your puffy jacket an integral part of your color palette like this masterful taupe and gray execution.

Ways to style jeans

Look 16

Small changes can elevate existing outfits — throw on a black puffer for a casual day.

Jeans are so adaptable, and you can wear them in so many different ways. There is no need to repeat the same outfit again and again. Whatever mood you’re trying to create, there is an outfit for you. Which outfit do you like the best?

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