Here’s How to Style Slouchy Jeans the Correct Way!

Many girls are a little scared of wearing slouchy jeans because they’re scared of not pulling off correctly. I’m here to debunk this myth because slouchy jeans are just… amazing! Styling slouchy jeans is really a breeze. They go with a lot of outfits and styles, and if you get a pair in the correct size ( hey, petite girls, that includes you, too), then it really can be worn in so many wondrous and stylish ways. I got two pairs of slouchy jeans, one in white and the other in a classic denim mid-wash color, and with that, I’ll show you how to style slouchy jeans. Keep scrolling, and let’s get started.

slouchy jeans style

Look 1

Here I am wearing a beautiful ZARA bodysuit. Everyone raves about this basic bodysuit, and I really understand why. It’s clean-cut, classic, and elegant. It’s also flattering because of how the armholes cut pretty deep on the sides, and it’s super comfy to wear. A tight bodysuit really helps create a lovely balance with the bagginess of the slouchy jeans. I paired this with a lovely black belt and some open-toe mules. Also, I folded in the bottom of the jeans so that it makes me look taller.

Styling slouchy jeans

Look 2

It’s amazing how adding or taking away some items can give your outfit a whole different look and feel. I removed the belt and added a lovely pink wrap cardigan. It’s so cozy, and I love how it wraps around the waist, so it accentuates it. I swapped the mules for a lovely pair of pastel pink heels, and it really looks exquisite.

Style slouchy jeans

Look 3

For the next look, all I did was swap my top. This is beautiful and classy and really goes well for a night out or a formal dinner. I absolutely love puff sleeves, and this organza sleeve top really gets the attention- in a good way. It makes a statement, and it’s an easy kind of outfit to wear. The dusty pink also looks great with the white slouchy jeans. I left my high heel shoes on as the pink hues go great together.

Easy slouchy jeans style

Look 4

I personally love white on white looks, and this is one of them. You will notice the white shirt is not the same white shade as the white slouchy jeans, but this doesn’t bother me. I feel it actually gives the outfit more dimension and accentuates the different textures. The puff shirt has interesting dual-tone buttons, and it just levels up from a basic shirt.


A great trick for petite girls to look taller is to wear monochromatic outfits.

Stylish slouchy jeans ideas

Look 5

Here’s a cool casual look. I swapped my shoes for these wide and white combat boots. I folded the bottom even more for the jeans to give a layer style when paired with the combat boots. I am wearing one of my favorite sweatshirts. The color is beautiful, and it has a fun print that gives a casual vibe. I tucked it in my sports bra and loosened the fabric around my waist for a baggy kind of style. A little bit of my waistline is showing, and it gives the outfit an interesting angle.

How to wear slouchy jeans

Look 6

Moving on to the mid-wash denim slouchy jeans, I opted for a funky and bright look. I am wearing a super bright, lime green tank top, and I paired this with my lovely combat boots. The tank top is a little cropped, showing off some skin, but not too much. I love the pop of neon color and that the top is short, giving me the illusion of longer legs.

Pink cami with slouchy jeans

Look 7

This outfit is totally feminine and girly. It’s unexpected but oh so sweet! I left my combat boots, giving an interesting contrast of sweet, soft, and feminine with boyish boots. I love how it blends well together. For the top, I actually put it together; it’s 2 pieces. Underneath, I am wearing a dotted mesh top, and on top, I am wearing a baby pink lace cami top. I really think this layered look is beautiful, and the girly top really gives it a subtle twist.

Casual slouchy jeans look

Look 8

I call this the “cool girl” outfit. I have an oversized black, printed T-shirt. This T-shirt is so comfy and stylish at the same time. I tucked it into my slouchy jeans and added a belt to really show off my waistline. I love to dress up a seemingly casual outfit. This is a formula to create stylish outfits- to wear something basic and jazz it up. I paired this outfit with a pair of mules, and I think it looks fabulous!

White wrap top

Look 9

Here’s another basic kind of outfit with a twist. I wore my slouchy jeans with a classic white shirt. The twist, though, is instead of wearing the shirt normally, I created a wrap-like effect in the front. I saw this on Pinterest, and I thought it’s a genius style hack. Don’t button any of the buttons; simply twist and wrap around the front sides. It makes your outfit look different and expensive.

Wear a baggy slouchy jeans look

Look 10

My final look breaks all the rules, but as you can see, it’s so flattering! Basically, everything I am wearing is somewhat oversized. Here I am wearing an oversized white button-down shirt. I then threw over a sweater with a cute neutral print. I folded it in so that it creates a fake waistline. Even though everything is baggy, the sweater folded above my waistline still accentuates my waistline. This is also a great trick to elongate your legs.

So there you have it, a funky, stylish, and detailed style guide on how to style slouchy jeans. Now that you know how to wear slouchy jeans, what looks from this tutorial most inspires you? Thanks for reading! Happy styling!

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  • K Annie Park K Annie Park on May 04, 2021

    everything good eventually comes around again. thanks for new ideas.

  • Leslie Leslie on May 05, 2021

    Hi Audrey, you must be teeny, tiny, All your looks DO look terrific on you, BUT, that being said, may not look well on everyone. People have to consider primarily the rolled high water hems and the cut of the jeans. I do think you needed belts even small or rounded leather ones added to the looks without them. A bit of color would have looked nice. Thank you for sharing, your outfits will inspire a lot of people. :)