Transitioning a Fall Jumpsuit From Summer

We are almost through August! So if you have’t started to transition your summer wardrobe to fall…it might be time to starting thinking about it! I totally get if you don’t want to think about cooler temperatures (though I believe most people hold fall as their favorite season). Or you could be like me and it’s really almost impossible to think about it being cool. It’s just too hot throughout the day. Whatever the case, it’s time to starting moving on from summer. Which is why I’m transitioning this jumpsuit from summer and styling it for fall.

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How to Style a Jumpsuit for Fall

This goes back to the 3 most basic tricks for transitioning your summer wardrobe to fall. All you need to take that perfect summer jumpsuit to fall is some layers and the right accessories. These are items you’ll already have around the house and it just requires a little extra time than when styling a jumpsuit in the summer.

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Add a Layer

My go to fall layer is always the denim jacket. It’s just a staple and pairs so well with pretty much everything. With this jumpsuit in particular I had to keep my layering done on the outside. However it’s important to remember that for certain styles layering underneath clothes should not be overlooked. I just didn’t feel this halter cut would look great paired with a t-shirt underneath. But maybe you have luck transitioning a jumpsuit that would look great paired with a casual tee underneath it this fall.

Fall Shoes & Accessories

Shoes and accessories are the place to transition a summer jumpsuit to fall jumpsuit. Grab those booties and boots and put them on because they go great with any jumpsuit. Unfortunately, I have’t made the investment yet to get boots. (And I honestly may never). So I’ve paired this jumpsuit with a pair of Keds. This makes it more laid back, especially with the denim jacket. And quite honestly, I think fall style is really the most laid back season of all.

Shop the Look:  Jumpsuit //  Denim Jacket //  Keds

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