Holiday PJs SIX Ways for Any Celebration!

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What's better then living the cozy life in some cute PJs? I'll tell you what's better, matching mini for some holiday cheer :) And holiday PJs don't have to be specific to just Christmas! Here are six different ways to match for what ever you are celebrating this holiday season!

PJ SET # 1: Let's start with the standard, Santa PJs for the bean and a warm sweat shirt for me! I loved that bright solid green bottoms for myself rather then red. I think it brings more balance to the matching looks :)

Don't need a mistletoe for some sweet kisses by the Christmas tree!

PJ SET # 2: Stripes any one? Still traditionally Christmas colors with the red and green but a little more open to interpretation for those that don't celebrate Santa. I went with a sold red shirt for me so that we didn't look like giant candy canes!

Little decided to spice it up with some cross eyed stares icon

PJ SET # 3: You really can't go wrong with buffalo plaid everything! I loved the moose on her onesie and a matching shirt for me, biker shorts and leg warmers! I don't know about you but I am a fan of leg warmers and pleased they are back in style.

She is pointing at her moose! I swear I just noticed that

PJ SET # 4: These holiday Dinosaur cookies are just too much for me to handle! My shirt is the same form look # 2 and my pants are the same from look # 1. I wore my charcoal bear hat to match the color of her PJ set.

Silly face time!

PJ SET # 5: These are the PJs we wore for Hanukkah (we celebrate all the holidays in this house)! Holiday pajama parties are for all to enjoy.

We are both in onesies for this look. Mine are shorts so I wore knee high socks and since my look is mostly gray, little has a gray hat to match and I have the inverse to match her cream leopard print onesie.

PJ SET # 6:Gotta throw some snowflakes in the mix for some winter wonderland vibes! My unicorn socks have a similar pattern and match the pink and blue light colored onesie she has on. I am also obsessed with this cozy cardigan (got some pink trees on my pants too).

How cute are those ear muffs though!? They are little cat faces icon

Suggested materials:
  • A cute holiday PJ set   (Old Navy mostly)
  • Similar color or patterns to match   (Target too)

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