Cozy Home Outfits for 2021

I know that a lot of us have been at home this year! I doubt I am the only one who has been wearing mismatched pajamas for the last couple of months. I am challenging myself and all of you to start wearing put together, cozy outfits at home.

Winter capsule wardrobe 2021

Outfit 1

In this first outfit, I am wearing a matching knit tank top and cardigan from Zara. I love the color, I love the stretch and I love the fact that I can pair this with anything. At the bottom, I am wearing a Mango midi skirt. The skirt has a gorgeous slit on the left side and is also a cozy knit material. This outfit is so comfortable and makes me feel very put together. 

Wear jogger pants

Outfit 2 

Keeping the knit set on top, in this look I switched out the skirt for my favorite pair of jogger pants. I am obsessed with the color of these pants and I love how casual they are! These pants are tapered so the outfit is still flattering.

Build a winter capsule wardrobe

If you want to, you can always switch out the cardigan for a blanket scarf. A lot of people don’t consider scarves an important piece in a capsule wardrobe but I love a good blanket scarf. It is so versatile and cozy! This particular scarf is actually double-sided so you can match it to your outfit. 

Wear a comfy sweater

Outfit 3

The next piece that I have in my winter capsule wardrobe is this cashmere sweater. Ideally, you want a sweater that is 100% cashmere so that you are always super comfortable and warm. I usually size up in my cashmere sweaters so I like to pair them with a more tapered bottom like these jogger pants. 

Add a long cardigan

If you’re someone who gets cold very easily, I highly recommend getting a long, fuzzy cardigan. Layering with a cardigan is a great way to add warmth without losing style. 

10 piece winter capsule wardrobe

Outfit 4 

I am obsessed with midi skirts! In this outfit, I turned my blanket scarf into a midi skirt. This is why I love blanket scarves! This is perfect for at-home outfits!

Winter casual capsule wardrobe

Outfit 5 

This next outfit is perfect for a little bit of a sporty look. These black leggings are so comfortable. I love the silhouette of this outfit as well! The loose tee definitely adds to the comfort! 

Basic winter capsule wardrobe

This is an outfit that definitely works with the long cardigan! I love the contrast between this long oversized cardigan and the tight leggings. 

Wear a sweater dress

Outfit 6 

For all the dress lovers out there, you can wear a dress and still feel cozy at home. The trick is to buy a sweater dress! You get all the comfort of a sweater with the flattering silhouette of a dress. I love that this dress is a little more fitted at the bottom and more oversized on top. I also have to mention the balloon sleeves! I am just obsessed! 

Easy winter capsule wardrobe

Outfit 7 

What I love about sweater dresses is that they can be worn as a regular sweater. For this look, I tucked the sweater dress upward to make it look like a normal sweater and paired it with this midi skirt. This is the ultimate cozy but chic winter outfit. 

Wear a midi skirt as a dress

Outfit 8 

Lastly, in this look, I pulled up the midi skirt to create a gorgeous, knit dress. If it’s too cold to go strapless, you can pull over your blanket scarf to create an at-home, formal look. I hope this guide has inspired you to create cozy and chic outfits to wear at home! Let me know which outfit you like best! 

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