Another Way to Style Your Wrap Pants

2 Materials
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Hi everyone. Today, I have an awesome fashion hack to show you. You're going to love this!

Women’s wrap pants can be so stylish! Follow along with this easy tutorial to learn another way to style your wrap pants.

Tools and materials:

  • Wrap pants
  • Skinny belt

1. Reconfigure your wrap pants

Wear your wrap skirt as usual. Untie the belt and bring the skirt piece up to reach under your arms.

Reconfiguring your wrap pants

Criss-cross the straps to make an X at your collarbone and tie them behind your neck.

Reconfiguring your wrap pants

2. Belt it

Now, add a belt to fit snugly on the waist, about where the hemline of the pants begins.

Adding a belt

Here’s the refreshed look of these wrap pants from the back:

Finished look: Women’s wrap pants

And here’s the final look from the front:

Finished look: Women’s wrap pants

Another way to style women’s wrap pants

We’ve taken these regular, women’s wrap pants and transformed them into a custom piece in just 2 simple steps!

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See you all next time!

Suggested materials:
  • Wrap pants
  • Skinny belt

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