Five Ways to Wear Black Track Pants

Black track pants. I know what you’re thinking: not the easiest and most versatile item of clothing to style. Well here in this tutorial I’m going to prove you wrong. I’ve put together five fun, funky, and fashionable styles all using black track pants. Let’s go!

Styling black track pants

Outfit 1:

  • Black side stripe track pants
  • Black scoop neck t-shirt
  • Black pointy toe stiletto heels
  • Black oversized blazer
  • White grid-patterned handbag

Track pants aren’t something that I would typically style for work, but in the current climate where you can only see the top half of your body on Zoom calls, I think that you can get away with it. I’ve paired it with a loose scoop neck tee and my oversized black blazer. If you’re working from home, you’ve probably got slippers on at this point but some pointy-toe heels dressed to look up some more if you were to wear this outside of the house. And if you are going out in this look, a decent sized bag for all of your work essentials is a great accessory to throw on to add some more interest to this otherwise very black look.

Women’s black track pants style

Outfit 2:

  • Black side stripe track pants
  • White cropped hoodie
  • White sneakers
  • Denim jacket
  • Black crossbody handbag
  • Pink suede leather cap

For a more casual take on the track pants look, I’ve paired it with - you guessed it - my white sneakers. I’ve also added a cropped white hoodie with a denim jacket layered over the top. Make sure that the hood part is over the denim jacket and visible from the back; otherwise, you end up with a Quasimodo type hump. Minimal accessories are needed, but I’ve worn this with some stud earrings and a black crossbody bag, perfect for running errands. The pink cap is a nice addition to add a hint of color.

Basic black track pants style

Outfit 3:

  • Black side stripe track pants
  • Black v-neck crop top
  • White oversized muscle tank
  • Black pointy toe stiletto heels
  • Burgundy beanie

I’m not really sure what to categorize this look as. I like the challenge of pairing track pants with heels, but the rest of the outfit is quite casual, with the oversized muscle tank, the peek of black crop top underneath, and don’t forget about the red beanie. I have no idea where this look will ever be appropriate, but I quite like it nonetheless. To make it more wearable, swap out the heels for sneakers - white or brightly colored, and maybe skip the statement earrings. With those subtle changes, this could be a good gym look.

Easy black track pants style

Outfit 4:

  • Black side stripe track pants
  • White lace bodysuit
  • Tan lace-up heeled boots
  • Olive green bomber jacket
  • Studded floral clutch

And just because, my next track pants look also has heels. This time I’ve gone with my tan lace-up mid cuff booties. They are paired with a white lace bodysuit and an olive green bomber jacket on top. Like most of my outfits in this tutorial, I’m playing with dressy and casual elements mixed together in one look. Makes for an interesting outfit for sure. And if that isn’t interesting enough for you, I’ve also thrown in a studded floral clutch for the handbag.

Women’s black track pants

Outfit 5:

  • Black side stripe track pants
  • White mock neck bodysuit
  • Grey mid-calf heeled boots
  • Black velvet floral bomber jacket
  • Glitter clutch

An outfit for date night was probably the hardest of the bunch to come up with. I ended up going with a white mock neck bodysuit, grey mid-calf heeled boots, and a black velvet floral bomber jacket. The black glitter clutch adds some serious bling, but I’m not sure how practical it is. I’ve added some shiny, blingy earrings as well. I would perhaps wear this to a more urban feeling bar for some drinks.

As I’ve shown in this tutorial, black track pants don’t just have to be for jogging! By thinking a little bit outside the box you can create some really unique and fashionable styles. So next time you’re not sure what to wear, throw on a pair of track pants and see what look you can create.

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