4 Classy Church Outfit Ideas for Winter

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I love to put together church outfit ideas for winter.

When we go to church, we want to look modest but also stylish, and it can be a challenge to find cute church outfits for winter.

Some of these are more suitable for when the temperature doesn’t drop too low.

Pants and sweater

1. Pants and sweater

I wanted a look that was easy to put together and warm, but not boring.

These pants in a silky royal blue or purple fabric really stand out and make the outfit something special. The fabric gives you a dressed-up effect without having to do much else.

I paired them with a neutral-colored rib turtleneck, super comfy sweater to balance the color and texture of the pants.

For footwear I kept it classic with nude ankle booties with a low heel. These are so comfortable but look smart.

Pants and sweater

I added a nude pea coat for warmth and style that would go with so many other outfits, and a small bag in a toning shade. 

Dress and boots

2. Dress and boots

This outfit is for those ladies who love to rock a dress. I picked a long-sleeved, fitted dress with a subtle leopard print, which is a favorite print of mine. 

When you have a hero item like this, you want to team it with plain, simple accessories so as not to detract from the main piece.

I chose plain black boots that come over the knee to keep the look modest but add a real pop to the style. Again, these are low-heeled for comfort.

Dress and boots

Following the idea of the dress as the center of attention, I chose a black leather blazer as the outerwear piece.

This of course won’t be very warm, so it’s probably best to save this outfit for one of those sunnier winter days. I’m a big fan of blazers, they’re a great way to complete any outfit and I have several in my closet.

The final piece is a larger nude bag in a structured style. This is one of my favorite outfits for church winter and I always feel good in it.

Jeans and top

3. Jeans and top

Yes, you can wear jeans to church in winter, especially styled like this.

Here, I’m showing a pair of wide-legged jeans that are super comfy and simple. The lack of distressing gives them a clean, fresh look.

The jeans pair beautifully with any top and the one I’ve chosen is very much a contrast in style. A silky, pale green, long sleeved one-shoulder top that adds a subtle statement to any look.

For the shoes I opted for a pair of white fabric booties, again with a low heel. I feel this outfit suits the ladies who love a trendy outfit that’s easy to recreate with items you already have.

Jeans and top

I added a pea coat with a tribal, geometric pattern that was actually a thrifted buy. It’s in very dark blue and white and goes over so many outfits.

Lastly, I added a tote bag in dark blue to complement the coat.

Maxi skirt and blouse

4. Maxi skirt and blouse

I absolutely love a good skirt outfit, and this one is not only modest but striking and so stylish. The black maxi length skirt is in faux leather for a dressy effect and it has a very flattering shape.

I paired it with a button down white blouse that has some very cute touches that take it out of the basic class.

The high neck, rounded collar, small gold buttons and puff sleeves are design elements that work so well with the simple lines of the skirt.

Ankle boots

I chose another pair of ankle booties for the shoes.

These are very similar to the white pair in the last look, with the addition of a chunky gold chain at the front that makes them something special.

Maxi skirt and blouse

I topped this look with a short jacket in a houndstooth fabric to add a pop of print to the solid colors of the rest of the outfit. 

The last item to finish off this look is a black bag with a subtle gold detail.

Church outfit ideas for winter

I hope you got some great ideas for winter church outfits for ladies from this article. These are all looks that I wear myself. Feeling that you look good and can stay warm makes going to church even more special.

Do let me know in the comments if you use any of these outfit ideas.

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