5 Tips for a Spring Wardrobe Edit

by Fashiontandf

Each change of season brings with it something exciting and beautiful to look forward to regarding the weather. Living in the midwest/Chicagoland, spring brings the excitement of warmer temperatures along with random snow falls (LOL), longer and hopefully sunnier days and the return of green…green grass, leafs and daffodils, tulips and hyacinth! My hubby and I are always excited at the first sighting of robins in our area. Additionally, the change of season brings with it the need to edit and evaluate one’s wardrobe. After much discussion, my gal pals and I decided we would share our tips for editing your wardrobe for a Spring Refresh although these steps would be relevant for any season refresh. Two of us are very deliberate, well thought out and calculated when editing our wardrobes and two of us are not! Can you guess which category I fall into? For full transparency, I tend to be much more random in my edits. Trends are always of interest to me and because I love fashion so much I add new pieces often…much more often than necessary. Here are the top 5 tips I know and should follow…

1. Edit Your Wardrobe

If you can, pull everything out of your closet so you can see what you have. If that is impractical, go through hanger by hanger and look at what you’ve got. Organize items of clothing by type or color, or a little bit of both. Do what works for you so that you can really see what is in there. A professional eye can really help you decide what works best for you, as well as look at great new ways of combining existing items in your wardrobe to make ‘new’ outfits.

Style, tase and women’s bodies evolve! Make room for your current bodies flattering fit and style! Don’t hang onto those things that no longer fit, don’t flatter or you simply won’t be wearing any longer no matter the reason.

2. Assess Your Lifestyle

How has your lifestyle changed in the past season?

  • If you work outside the home, are you office or home based? Maybe it’s a combination of the two. Maybe you’re retired and no longer need office wear!
  • Are you going out and about more or less than you have in the past?
  • What is the weather like this time of year where you are, and is it likely to change substantially over the next few weeks/months?
  • Will you be traveling in the near future?
  • Any special events occurring soon?

3. Decide What You Need

Bearing your answers to all those questions in mind, take some time to put together a few outfits from your closet to refresh your wardrobe. Do you have everything you need or are there things missing?

Make a note of anything you need to refresh your wardrobe up to date; or trends you’re interested in adding. Do you need a new coat, or perhaps some more seasonal sweaters? Will you need a skirt or dress for any upcoming events? Do you need some new pants/jeans that will work for both casual and more formal occasions? Have you got the right shoes or boots for the season? Write it all down.

Now make a note of the things you might like to add to your wardrobe. Have you seen a new top you’d absolutely love to wear with your favorite jeans? Is there a fabulous new scarf you have been eyeing? Write this all down too.

4. Keep Your Budget in Mind

Now look at your list or wants and needs and think about your budget. If you are in a stable financial position, this may be the time for investment purchases that will form the backbone of your wardrobe and last for years. However, if that is not the case, this may be the time to shop your closet as much as possible and only focus on what you truly need.

5. Go Shopping

Stick to your list. Go slowly and only buy things that really work well with the other pieces already in your wardrobe. As Sarah of Absolutely Fabulous Image says, “Your clothes have to work hard to earn a place in your wardrobe.” My rule of thumb is to think of at least three ways you can style something with other things you already own.

If you are struggling to refresh your wardrobe, as a social stylist I’m happy to assist you at any step in the process or with the entire process! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

This clothing rack was a recent purchase out of necessity! Taking pictures is always a challenge especially when my front porch is cold, dark, windy, rainy, snowing, neighbors…the list could go on and on! I’m usually snapping my pictures as I’m headed off to work or heading out on the weekends. Working full time, my part time social stylist position, blog writing and keeping up social media don’t allow me a lot of time to get pictures taken. This clothing rack and creating this tiny space has been a godsend and an absolute delight. I now have a tiny space that is temperature regulated no matter the time of day or season AND to my absolute delight it allows me to pretty much plan my wardrobe and looks for the month. This is only my second month of organizing my wardrobe using the rack but I have to tell you it brings me great joy and happiness to even look at it.

I pulled things out of my closet and drawers for March and decided to add a few newer things. Plus I assessed the trending colors most of which are already in my wardrobe because I LOVE color! The only colors that I rarely wear are orange and classic green.

Shop the Clothing Rack:  HERE

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Shop Wood Pants/Skirts Hangers:  HERE

Blazers Become Cinched for Spring 2023

My closet is chocked full of blazers because they’re a perfect layering piece no matter the season. In previous posts I’ve shared how they can easily be dressed up, dressed down and paired with any clothing item you can imagine! Last year the oversized boyfriend fit blazer was trending. This year the blazer trend has swung to the “cinched” waist. Since I’m a curvy, hourglass shape, anything cinched at the waist is typically flattering for me. The blazers in my closet run the gamut of being oversized and loose fitting to more tailored and fitted. I’ve got my eye on several more fitted blazers from White House Black Market. Here are two of my favorites! These will never go out of style because of the classic black and white. However, you can easily layer them over a pop of spring tend color shirt, blouse or tee!

Shop a Similar Blazer:  HERE or  HERE

Satin Cargo Pants

If you really want to make a statement, satin cargo pants add some glam to this year’s pant look. While the comfort factor is undeniable, this pant trend is easily worn dressy or casual. If you’ve followed me for some time, you know that I’m also a huge proponent of joggers. When I spotted these satin, cargo joggers, I didn’t waist any time scooping them up. Added bonus – they’re in the Pantone trend color “blue perennial” and blue is one of my favorite colors to wear no matter the hue. Pictured below is how I wore them to work. I’m excited to style them with a fun tee and other tops in my wardrobe. Adding a denim jacket will be a perfect fall layering piece for these satin cargo, joggers!

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As someone who tends to lean into wearing bold colors most days and all season, I’m excited to hear that Bold Colored Bottoms are a current trend! I can easily accomplish this by pulling out my pink, red, blue, green and yellow pants! By the way, even if it wasn’t a trend, I firmly believe and recommend that you wear what makes you happy regardless! If bold colored bottoms are something you wouldn’t typically wear, you might want to give them a try! You never know until you try because you just might find something new you like!

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BoHo Crochet Trend

A trend that rose to popularity in 2022 was crocheted clothes and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere in the upcoming seasons. Crocheted pieces are a great way to add texture, pattern, and color to an outfit. It can easily add a bohemian touch but can also look incredibly modern. I don’t really consider myself a “BoHo” kind of gal but the rest fits me to a T! To show off the texture and intricate stitches, brighter and pastel colors are better. I already had several crotchet pieces in my wardrobe so no need to get newer pieces.

The sweatshirt with crotchet sleeves is from a boutique in South Haven, Mi. It’s a favorite spot of mine to shop when we take our annual trip north to Saugutuck! The belt buckle is from Beth’s Buckles. If you recall, I did a block post on Beth and her beautiful buckles. To see that post, click  HERE. My black jeans are from a boutique in my area. I’ll link my new yellow boots below! I’m sure you could easily recreate this look if it appeals to you!

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