How to Style Wide-Leg Pants Ten Different Ways

Gloria Gao
by Gloria Gao

Today I’m going to show you ten different ways to style black wide-leg pants. These are probably my favorite pair of pants and I wear them all year round. I highly recommend trying to find that one pair of pants that feel like they were made for you and make you feel fantastic whenever you wear them because they will open up so many outfit options for you. And I’m here to give you just a few ideas.

Lettuce-edge tank top

Outfit 1

I absolutely love this first outfit. I started by pairing my black wide-leg pants with a lettuce-edge smocked tank top.

Wide-leg pants style

I paired it with a pair of dainty black heeled sandals, and I wrapped a large silk scarf around my head. I finished the look with a pair of cat-eye sunglasses and a little black bag. 

Red and black color combination

Outfit 2

For this next look, I styled my pants with this little red tank top. I’m a big fan of the red-and-black color combination because it has a very powerful vibe, and is also very versatile, as it is appropriate for any season. 

Gold accessories

To accessorize, I added a pair of gold hoops and a gold necklace. 

Styling wide-leg pants

To complete the look, I wore my black stiletto sandals, black shades, and carried my black purse. This look is less dramatic than the first one, but the color combination still makes it quite memorable. 

Casual Breton shirt

Outfit 3

Now let’s get casual. I paired the pants with a Breton shirt and some comfortable white sneakers.


Style wide-leg pants

I also put on my straw boater because I am extra, and I like to style things up, even when the outfit is meant to be casual.

Romantic milkmaid top

Outfit 4

For this look, I’ve paired my pants with a romantic milkmaid top, which is a style that seems to have become fairly popular recently.


Easy wide-leg pants style

I went for my black stiletto sandals again and added a polka dot silk scarf tied like a headband. To finish the look, I chose to carry my bucket bag, and voilà--an outfit with some seriously chic, French vibes. 

Menswear-inspired outfit

Outfit 5

This time, I decided to add a little masculinity to my outfit with a menswear-inspired white button-down vest. 

Black wide-leg pants style

To add some balance, I styled the outfit with a pair of black stiletto sandals, and gold hoop earrings, and finished it off with my white boater hat. 

Polka dot wrap shirt

Outfit 6

If you think black-on-black is a little too dull, a polka dot pattern on a black background is a great solution. I’ve styled my black pants with a black polka dot wrap shirt with balloon sleeves. 

Chic summer outfit

Once again, I chose my black stiletto sandals, along with my straw boater over braided hair, and my bucket bag. Can someone invite me to a picnic, please? I’m all dressed for it!

Openwork embroidered shirt

Outfit 7

This is a very simple, comfortable outfit. I styled my black pants with a loose, openwork embroidered button-down. 

Comfortable style

Black sandals and a black bucket hat completed the outfit. Just a word of advice: If you wear an openwork shirt make sure to wear sunscreen if you don’t want really weird sunburn marks.

Dress down with a t-shirt

Outfit 8

This outfit is as casual as I can get. For this look, I paired the wide-legged pants with a casual white t-shirt, which is a perfect piece to dress down the pants.

Casual outfit

I also wore my white sneakers and a black bucket hat and completed the look with a black cross-body bag. 

Easy black wide-leg pants style

Outfit 9

This is a very basic look that doesn’t require much thought but still looks like you put a lot of effort into it. I paired the pants with a simple beige tank top, which is itself a very versatile piece. I put on my black sandals and tied my hair up, and accessorized with gold hoop earrings and a white boater hat. I completed the look with my bucket bag. And that’s it! You’re welcome, lazy people. 

Styling black wide-leg pants

Outfit 10

For this last outfit, I styled the pants with a silk champagne-colored shirt. I styled it up a bit by tying the shirttails in the front, rolling up the sleeves, and pulling it back a bit to create a billowy effect in the back. I put on my black heeled sandals and accessorized with a black croc leather belt. Finally, I tied my hair into a bun and put a pair of black shades on my head. This is definitely one of my favorite outfits because of how chic it is. 

And that’s it! Mission complete. I’ve shown you ten different ways to wear the same pair of black wide-leg pants. I hope I’ve given you some ideas of how to create your own slow fashion wardrobe. Let me know which of these looks would be most likely to wear yourself. 

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  • Pat-pickles Pat-pickles on Apr 19, 2021

    I LUV how you've styled using hats ... not baseball caps or costume-like. Hats have a way of making me feel important & getting noticed. In a good way. (I'm short & often feel overlooked.) I've found that men, as in gentlemen, always give appropriate compliments. Which is a pleasant response! Hats & scarves are easy with sooo many options. Thanks for cracking the "hat ceiling". 🕵‍♀️ 👒