How to Style Dad Sandals: 5 Sandal Styles & How to Wear Them

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In this style guide, I will show you how to style dad sandals. The dad sandal trend has been around for a few years now. Chanel was the first luxury brand to come out with classic dad sandals, which cost over a thousand dollars. Today I wanted to share some of the dupes of that Chanel dad sandal and how to style them.

Tan dad sandals outfit

1. Tan dad sandals

I’m starting off with a classic pair of raffia, faux leather, and tan-colored sandals. What I love about this pair of san dad sandals is the platform heel. I went for a couple of classic outfits, the first one being an all-white outfit that is just perfect for vacation.

I’m wearing an off-shoulder top and a pair of white shorts; this is the best way to let these sandals do the talking and be the statement piece of your outfit.

Tips for styling dad sandals

Here I paired these sandals with an all-black outfit just to also show that if you are more on the classy side when it comes to clothes, then these types of sandals will work with slightly dressier outfits as well.

How to style black dad sandals with pearl details

2. Black dad sandals with pearl details

Now I’ve styled the same outfit with a black pair of dad sandals. I love the pearl detail on them, and I also love a chic all-black outfit in the summertime as it’s a little bit unexpected.

Feminine dad sandals outfit

Because of the white pearls on them, I also think this pair of sandals goes so well with a cute white dress. The juxtaposition between the really girly dress with something that is masculine but also girly at the same time works very well.

Styling chunky floral sandals

3. Chunky floral sandals

While I had my white dress on, I swapped the shoes for this pair of really crazy floral vibrant chunky sandals. They are pretty much the same material as the first pair of sandals, except over here, you see more of a sporty stripe design at the bottom.

Both of them are on the heavier side of shoes, but because the velcro straps make them easy to put on and take off.

Chunky floral sandals

I like the use of so many different colors on this pair. You can very easily pair them with a simple white dress but also you could pick one color from these colorful, seemingly hard-to-style shoes, and style an outfit with that. 

How to style bright dad sandals

Here I picked out the yellow from the design and paired the shoes with a midi skirt in pretty much the exact same shade of yellow. The pieces go together so well and look very put together.

How to style neutral-colored dad sandals

4. Neutral-colored dad sandals

If you're not super confident with going colorful from head to toe, then you can obviously swap for more neutral-colored sandals. These ones have more of a rubbery sole and a satiny finish with slightly different shades of beige. They are comfortable but also stylish, and the insole is almost like a memory foam insole, making the shoes really comfortable to wear.

How to wear dad sandals

Here I’m wearing them with a matching floral set. I love how the different shades of beige tie in very well with each other. I think out of all of the sandals today, this pair might be the most versatile because the color is so barely there, and it's really close to my skin tone, which elongates my legs and makes them blend in with the rest of my outfit. 

Teva sandals outfit

5. Teva sandals

The last pair is this trusty pair of Teva sandals. Out of all five types of sandals I’ve shown you, I would say that these are the most comfortable, and I think it’s because the front bit is a little bit lower than the back, which gives the front of your feet more room to breathe. These sandals are also the most lightweight pair.

How to style dad sandals

I could wear these sandals with pretty much any summer outfit. Even though the straps have a bit of pattern on them, the color is sort of again just barely there, and the tone of it is really similar to my skin tone that I can very easily match it with anything. 

How to style dad sandals

There we have five different types of dad sandals and how to style them this summer. I hope you enjoyed seeing the different styles that are out there; whatever your personal aesthetic, there is a pair that can work for you. 

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  • I still don't know what "DAD" sandals are! Only one of the pics had the infamous sandal in it, the floral one. Might have been more informative to show ONE LARGE photo of what they are?!! Dad sandals? I went to school in the Uk. Have travelled the world & God Forbid! Don't know what a DAD SANDAL is!!! Poor me...