What to Wear on a City Break

Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

We all have a good idea of what to pack for a beach holiday but city breaks, especially in cooler countries, can be harder to tackle. Of course you want to look stylish when visiting a city, especially a capital city, but your outfits need to be practical too.

Ankle boots are my favourite footwear for day trips to London. They look a little more dressed-up than trainers or walking shoes but are still comfortable and you can do a few miles in the right pair. I tend to get the tube if the journey's going to take me longer than 20 minutes to walk, so that I can get away with wearing a bit of a heel.

A stylish umbrella is of course a must when visiting London!

A little crossbody bag is perfect for a day trip to a city in your own country but when going abroad, take a bag that can double up as your hand luggage and as an everyday bag to take around with you. The bag I use for work, my Burberry banner tote, was perfect for a long weekend in Berlin. I could fit everything I needed for the plane journey in it and it wasn't too big and cumbersome to walk around the city with.

I noticed that a lot of Berliners wore all-black outfits such as jeans and jumpers, and then their coats and boots were more statement. There are a lot of outdoor food stalls and markets in Berlin so I guess you don't often get to see the outfit beneath the coat!

Get yourself a comfortable pair of mules for visiting city centres. I swear by my quilted mules from Stradivarius - being black, they go with all my outfits and the quilted material helps avoid blisters.

In a smaller, greener city like Bristol, all-white outfits are eye-catching and work nicely. When you're out all day in cities like London or Berlin, it's probably best to wear a colour less prone to getting ruined.

Much like the statement coat, an interesting pair of boots are a good idea on colder city breaks because people will actually see them! Just be aware of the heel height as you're likely to be walking a lot.

You can also wear a statement lipstick, in a colour that suits your colouring, to look dressed up without spending ages on your makeup and wasting valuable exploring time.

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