4 Stylish Winter Boots Outfit Ideas

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In this article, I’m showing you my best winter boots outfit ideas.

These boots are durable and great for the winter so I’m going to be showing you cute outfits with boots so you can learn how to style them.

Let’s get started!

White combat boots

1. White combat boots

Combat boots are a great style of boot to wear for the winter. They’re super trendy and super durable, plus this color will match any outfit.

These boots are super trendy with the buckle on the side and this stretchy sock material on the back.

White combat boots oufit

I’m pairing these boots with a simple pair of black mom jeans and a nude top.

This is a classic top and bottom to pair together and, with these combat boots, the look doesn’t look super rugged like with other heavy boots. 

White combat boots oufit

Top off the look with a printed jacket. This adds a nice pop to the look.

Over-the-knee boots

2. Over-the-knee boots

Over-the-knee boots are great in general for winter, but there are also so many styles to them.

The ones that I want to share are in white and have a lug style on the bottom. White is a tricky color for winter, but I think it adds a nice pop to your winter outfits.

Over-the-knee boots outfit

In this look, I pair the boots with a sweater and a pair of leather shorts with hosiery underneath.

Over-the-knee boots outfit

I also added a long pea coat on top. This is a good pair of winter boots to have that aren’t your plain, traditionally black ones.

Rain boots

3. Rain boots

The next boots are rain boots in the ankle bootie style. A pair of rain boots like these will work for the snow, rainy days, and in any slush.

Rain boots are definitely a pair of winter boots that you need. The inside has a fur material so it’s really warm on the inside and it won’t get your feet wet in nasty weather.

Rain boots outfit

These boots are super subtle so you can pair them with a pair of jeans and just throw a trench coat over them.

It creates a nice, subtle outfit and you’ll have a great pair of boots for any wet, slushy weather.

Brown combat boots

4. Brown combat boots

The last pair of winter boots I want to share with you are these combat boots with a more regular boot style.

I love the color of these and they’re super durable.

They have a zipper on the side and a nice cushion up on the top. They’re comfortable and warm on the inside.

Brown combat boots outfit

Outfits with brown boots are super easy to style. You can wear them with a pair of leggings and with a skirt as well.

These are a great pair of chic boots that you can wear for the winter!

Winter boots outfit ideas

These are all great options for cute outfits with boots or casual winter outfit ideas.

Let me know which style of boot is your favorite to wear in cold or wet weather!

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