Hack for Getting the Most Use Out of Your Skirts

If you've read any of my other posts then you know I love rewearing my clothes in unique different ways. Fast fashion is taking over the clothing industry but my wallet just does not want to keep up sometimes!

For this hack it works with any kind of skirt that has an adjustable waist band and attached belt. If you don't already have a skirt like this in your closet HERE is a very similar one.

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This is the skirt. When wearing a print like cheetah, leopard, giraffe or cow it is best to pair it with a solid color for the rest of the outfit.

Here I'm picking the black in the pattern and going with that color for the rest of the outfit.

Option 1 is to pair it with a cute top and wear it as it is meant to be worn - a skirt

Option 2 is to slide the skirt up and use it as a top!

Criss cross the belt around your neck to give it a halter look and WALA

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