14 Hot Tips on How to Dress Like an Italian Women

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In this style guide, I’m going to show you how to dress like an Italian woman.

Italians appreciate beauty and art and, by extension, the presentation of themselves, their family, their home, and their character.

The phrase that best represents that is ‘fare la bella figura’. It means making a good impression. They take pride in making a good impression, which translates to all aspects of their lives.

All black outfit

Tip 1 - Take pride in your appearance

Italian women have a great mindset and a healthy attitude about creating their own style.

They take pride in how they present themselves and don't shy away from dressing up for the simplest occasions, leaving them looking exceptional every day.

Sleek Italian outfit

Tip 2 - Little details make a big difference

As a kid, I remember that my Italian mother never left the house without lipstick on.

Little details such as these really make a big difference in how we feel and how people perceive us. 

Quality pieces

Tip 3 - Invest in quality

Italians know that it's not wearing something flamboyant or bold necessarily, although they can do and often do.

It's more about wearing something with quality, something with a great fit that will make you feel confident regardless of your body type or size.

Tip 4 - Show off your favorite parts

I know I'm generalizing here, but normally Italian women tend to like to feel womanly, and they show off their curves.

So think about the parts of your body that you're happy with and show them off. 

Skirt outfit

Perhaps you have a defined waist, a curvaceous body, an hourglass body, or you have beautiful legs, whatever it is, show it off. 

Bold touches

Tip 5 - Add bold touches

Compared to the French, Italians are way more avant-garde, they are trendsetters.

They aren't afraid to wear oversized sunglasses or wear animal prints or inject a serious pop of color into their wardrobe. 

Hero piece

Tip 6 - Choose a hero piece

They select one piece and make that a hero and keep the rest neutral and more quiet so they don't overshadow that amazing piece.

Normally, these hero pieces are very well curated. Italian women really know how to put together a slightly extravagant but truly fashionable look.

Statement piece

It's all about choosing a statement piece and wearing it well.

It can be either a top in an unexpected color or an animal print. Or it could be some bright color pants that catch the eye and create visual interest.


It can also be accessories like huge earrings, shoes, or a purse, but the rule is that you should have just one bold item in your outfit. 

Animal print top with white trousers

Tip 7 - Ditch the layers

Italian fashion isn't about too much layering, so normally, their outfits consist of a great dress and heels or floaty wide-leg pants and a blouse.

Leather skirt outfit

Tip 8 - Build a strong foundation

Italian women have a solid foundation for their wardrobe with curated tailored pieces in neutral tones. 

Neutral outfit

I think that everybody should rely on a solid foundation for their wardrobe.

Blue pants outfit

Tip 9 - Add in vintage touches

They also love wearing vintage pieces. Look for exclusive pieces that no one else has.

I think there's something charming in being yourself and taking pride in your individuality.

Draped blazer outfit

Tip 10 - Add your own spin to it

When they follow trends, they give their own spin to it. They might tuck their shirt in a different way.


Or they might wear their scarf in an unexpected way. They add a bit of drama but always in the right dose. 

Animal print outfit

Tip 11 - Understated can be beautiful

Walking on the streets of Milan and Rome, you’ll see some Italians that are exuberant and believe that more is more. 

Minimalist look

But also, you have those minimalist, effortless styles that have that Il Dolce Far Niente (the sweetness of doing nothing) kind of feel to them. 

Minimalist look

They could simply be wearing simple capri pants, loafers, and a high-quality t-shirt.

They're really not dictated by any trends or anybody's influence. They just go with their own flow, and obviously, that's only possible when you have the right foundation for your wardrobe.

Yellow outfit

Tip 12 - Color, proportion and length

Italian women know how to combine colors, and they know about proportions, volumes, and length. 

Blue jacket outfit

They really understand the importance of making friends with a great tailor.

Tip 13 - Combine opposing styles

The guiding principle of Italian style can be summarized with four opposing sources that balance each other out: sobriety, sensuality, elegance, and informality.

And, most importantly, Italian style encourages quality over quantity and recuperating aging pieces and bringing them to life.

Blazer worn two ways

Tip 14 - Mix and match

They also believe in buying less but buying better so that you can mix and match your clothes to create unlimited outfits.

Trench coat outfit

How to dress like an Italian women

Italians wear styles that reflect who they are, they style their outfits in an innovative way, and they aren't afraid to dare.

I hope that you found this lookbook helpful and informative! If so, leave a comment down below!

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  • Betty Betty on Jan 20, 2023

    I am Hispanic but fell like an Italian because I have always dressed like you say.

    I have a beautiful seamstress that has been my lady ——because I am only 4’8 inches tall and 90 lbs. She has helped me with all of my clothes. I’ve needed them shorten and taken in and she has done it all!