Learn How to Style Four Different Leather Skirts

Leather skirts are a great item of clothing, but sometimes people feel a bit intimidated by them and opt for skirts of other materials instead. I’m going to show you four ways to style a leather skirt so that you can see that leather is nothing to be afraid of. Leather is classy, durable, and timeless. If you don’t already own a leather skirt, keep reading, and you’ll want to soon!

Style a leather skirt

The simple black mini

In the first look, I’m wearing my basic black mini-skirt. I feel that everyone should have at least one basic black leather skirt in their wardrobe! I’m pairing it with a hoodie. What I love about this hoodie is that you have the option to scrunch it up to make it tighter, or you can leave it loose. My preference is to leave it loose to balance out the tight mini-skirt.

Styling a leather skirt

For the shoes, I’ve added a pair of over-the-knee boots. The boots are great for giving your legs a bit of coverage, and the long length of the boots also contrasts nicely with the short mini-skirt. I’ve also added a black blazer over the hoodie. This is a great way to wear a hoodie in a way that doesn’t look too sporty. A little black chain bag will add a feminine touch.

Basic leather skirt style

The midi-skirt

The next leather skirt is a red one with a pleated style in the front, and I’m styling it with a plain black top. When I first got this skirt, I wasn’t sure how to style it, but here I’ve found a look that makes it look great. For the shoes, I’ve added a pair of black ankle booties. A houndstooth vest is where the fun element comes in; it brings a nice little trendy touch. A belt over the vest cinches in my waist, which would otherwise be lost in this look.

Easy leather skirt style

The maxi-skirt

Next, we have a maxi-length leather skirt. I love this one because it has fun button details going down on both sides, and also the cut on the bottom is a little asymmetrical. The back is a bit longer than the front. This skirt has a lot of personality; you can wear it in so many different ways. I’ve paired it here with a mustard-colored mock neck top. I wanted something bright to stand out with this leather skirt. For the shoes, I went again with a pair of black ankle booties. I wanted to dress down the look slightly. Usually, when I wear this skirt, I wear it with stilettos, something super dressy. This time I wanted to style it a little differently and I think that these booties give it a casual touch. Lastly, I’ve added a little tiny micro-style bag in the same color as the top for the handbag selection. This is such a fun look that you can throw on any kind of outerwear for this look and you’re good to go.

Women’s leather skirt style

The caramel mini

I’m wearing a skirt with a caramel tone for the last outfit idea - I love it because it has a nice little slit in the front. I’m pairing it here with a plain black top. The color and the style of the skirt are classic, and you can get many outfits out of it. I’ve added a cardigan, it’s super long and has lots of colors and stripes that add a pop of color and a pop of print, exactly what this outfit needed. For the shoes, I’ve opted for my pair of black over-the-knee boots. I thought that this was the perfect shoe selection for this look. All of these pieces are super simple, and they just come together to create a nice outfit.

So whether you prefer a mini, a midi, or a maxi skirt, in this style guide, I’ve shown you all three. Whatever your body shape, there is a leather skirt out there for you. Leather skirts are timeless, so I recommend investing in a high-quality, durable skirt that will see you through the years.

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