4 Fall Outfit Ideas: How to Style a Skirt With Boots

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In this lookbook, I'm going to be showing you how to style boots and skirts for fall!

I feel like skirts and boots go together like peanut butter and jelly. There are many different styles of skirts and boots out there that you can mix together and I’m going to show you exactly how to do that.

Leopard print skirt and boots

1. Leopard print skirt and boots

For the first look, I’m wearing a leopard print skirt that has a nice slit in the front. I like that it’s not your typical brown leopard print but it's a little different.

I love wearing this skirt in the summer with a strappy top and sandals but, here, I’m going to dress it up for fall.

I’ve styled the skirt with a classic black long-sleeve, high-neck top. For shoes, I added a pair of classic black over-the-knee boots. The slit in the front gives that little peekaboo to see the over-the-knee boots underneath.

To finish off the look, I added a black bag that has some gold chain details to it.

2. Green maxi skirt with boots

Here, I'm styling a maxi skirt in a nice green color which is trendy for the season. I'm a big fan of this green and I wanted to create a monochromatic look, so I added a V-neck sweater in that same exact green.

Also in the same shade of green are my ankle booties that have a bit of a Western-style to them which are also a big trend for this season. I like how they have that Western touch in a subtle way and aren’t a pair of cowboy boots that are a lot more obvious.

For the bag, I went ahead and added an off-white bag that has some gold chain details to break up the monochromatic look a little bit. 

Black leather skirt and boots

3. Black leather skirt and boots

For the next fall look, I’m wearing a black leather skirt. I feel like this is a classic type of skirt to have for the fall and winter because you can style it in so many different ways.

This skirt has some gold button detail in the front as well as a croc-embossed print which I love. I paired it with a burnt orange top that has some diagonal ruching in the front. This color reminds me of Halloween and is a great color to wear for the fall season.

On my feet, I have a pair of black ankle sock booties. The boots instantly dress up the look. I feel like you could add another layering piece to this look such as a blazer and get another outfit out of it.

To finish off the look I added the same black bag from the first look.

Long orange skirt and boots

4. Long orange skirt and boots

For the last outfit, I’m wearing a two-piece set in a knitted material and it's a long skirt with a cropped sweater that has a turtleneck style.

I love two-piece sets because you can always create multiple outfits by wearing the top with a different bottom and vice versa. That being said, I really love this set together, it gives me cozy vibes. 

Long orange skirt and boots

The boots I’m wearing for this skirt and boot look are a pair of cut-out booties. Cut-outs are trending for the season and here's a subtle way that you can add cut-outs to your fall outfits.

I love the croc-embossed print as well as the metal buckles. To finish off the look, I added a baguette-style bag in the same color as the two-piece set.

Skirt with boots outfit ideas

There are so many different types of skirts and booties that you can mix to create fall outfit ideas for different occasions.

Let me know your favorite types of skirts and booties in the comments below!

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